Sungard Availability Services Gives Enterprises Streamlined ‘Edge to Everywhere’ Access

Sungard Availability Services
Accelerates network transformation, partners with Unitas Global to expand interconnection capabilities

WAYNE, PASungard Availability Services, a leading provider of highly available, cloud connected infrastructure in North America and Europe, announced the expansion of its global network interconnection capabilities, significantly bolstering its reach and capacity worldwide.

This software-defined network delivers flexible, performant and cost-competitive private interconnection, allowing Sungard AS to extend its network fabric to customer locations and empowering customers to rapidly address the rising demand for seamless connectivity end to end.

Sungard AS’ multi-faceted network transformation initiative addresses challenges customers experience as they go through their digital transformation journey. The ability to dynamically scale and change interconnection is a market-leading capability required by enterprises utilizing today’s agile IT architectures. This transformation offers customers a broad set of benefits, including:

  • Software-defined networking to rapidly scale and change services
  • A cost-effective and converged network fabric
  • Seamless access to Sungard AS hybrid cloud architecture
  • Direct on-ramps to all major cloud providers
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Sungard AS has forged a strategic partnership with Unitas Global, a leading provider of connected multi-cloud environments, to complement its own portfolio of services. As a carrier-neutral data center provider, Sungard AS sought a partner that had the key technology to address the improved agility and cost efficiencies enterprises require to run their . To that effect, the ability to utilize Unitas Nexus™ and Unitas Reach™ capabilities made all the sense in the world.

Through its partnership with Unitas Global, Sungard AS will transform its data centers into connectivity hubs for:

  • Colocation services
  • Hybrid cloud services
  • Recovery services
  • Hyperscale cloud services
  • SaaS provider platforms

Leveraging the Unitas Nexus Marketplace platform, Sungard AS will provide customers with enhanced, automated connectivity services from enterprise edge locations to the cloud, as well as a streamlined connection buying process.

“The network fabric is a critical and increasingly integral component of any customer digital transformation journey, and we must deliver the latest technologies at the highest quality of service,” said Jim Paterson, Executive Vice President, Global Product and Technology, at Sungard AS.

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“Unitas Global’s capabilities and technology are well aligned with our long-term vision for -defined networking and providing a comprehensive set of interconnection services. Leveraging Unitas’ expertise as a network provider, we’re able to offer our customers a truly unique array of capabilities to meet the customer challenges of today and tomorrow.”

Sungard AS customers can gain improved visibility and control of network monitoring and utilization, refreshed technology, enhanced performance, and availability guarantees on services. They will also see improved traffic performance, reliability and stability.

“Unitas Global looks forward to a long-term partnership with Sungard AS that adds value through the delivery of a reliable, high performance, fully managed network fabric to simplify connectivity operations and create an on-ramp to its data centers,” said Grant Kirkwood, Chief Technology Officer, Unitas Global.

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“With a fully-transformed, software-defined network interconnecting its facilities and extending out to the customer edge, Sungard AS is positioned to enable a full suite of next-generation network services to benefits its customers.”

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