Sentry Enterprises Announces the World’s First Security Lab Certified Biometric Cold Storage Crypto Wallet

sentinel wallet

WEST CHESTER, PA — Sentry Enterprises this week announced its expansion into the cryptocurrency market with the launch of Sentinel Wallet LLC. Sentinel Wallet LLC has created the Sentinel Cold Storage Crypto Wallet – the world’s first biometric wallet to complete an end-to-end security audit by a credentialed security lab to achieve the Common Criteria EAL5+ software certification on a certified EAL6+ silicon.

It’s widely known that self-custody is the safest way to preserve digital assets.  For the 300M+ crypto holders worldwide, the recent unraveling of FTX exchange has been the last straw that triggered an avalanche of users moving away from custodial wallets to non-custodial ones where “your keys ARE your coins”.

“The future of digital money is being driven by the rapid growth and increasing maturity of the cryptocurrency market. Central to this monetary revolution, is the wallet used to store, manage, and protect an individual’s private keys,” said Mark Bennett, CEO at Sentry Enterprises. “The Sentinel Wallet is a turn-key solution that will guarantee the acquirer an incredible technological leap over their industry peers.”

The Sentinel Wallet dwarfs existing wallet solutions, employing a biometrically protected smartcard (biometrics are enrolled, stored, and matched solely within the wallet’s security perimeter) making it purpose-built for securing transactions while protecting the user’s privacy. All sensitive crypto operations, block signing, and data handling take place within a Secure Element inside a tamper-proof card, physically isolated from the outside world when not in use. Powered by proven hardware and a cutting-edge software stack with the most advanced crypto algorithms and “secure curves” the Sentinel Wallet delivers a uniquely attractive and highly secure end-to-end cryptocurrency solution.

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In addition to the privacy and protection afforded by decentralized biometric authentication, the Sentinel Wallet offers true three-factor authentication between the user, the hardware wallet, and a mobile device.

“Expanding upon the success of our SentryCard cybersecurity identity platform, we’ve been able to address vulnerabilities in other markets segments, like cryptocurrency, that is stronger when requiring absolute proof-of-ownership prior to initiating a transaction,” commented John Calzaretta, President as Sentry Enterprises. “We believe that the Sentinel Wallet is a game-changer in the cryptocurrency arena, putting self-custody back into the hands of individual investors and away from centralized institutions.”

Sentry Enterprises intends to sell Sentinel Wallet LLC via a formal investment banking process in early 2023.

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