Medical Expertise Is Just a Call Away With Genex’s ClinicalCare24

Genex Services

WAYNE, PA — When a workplace injury or illness occurs, employees often don’t know where to go, who to call or even if treatment is necessary. This can lead to confusion, frustration and inconsistent levels of treatment.

That’s why Genex’s ClinicalCare24 nurse triage program is so vital to helping ensure employees injured on the job receive the right level of care at the right time. The program, administered by Genex under its parent brand, Enlyte, is designed to enable quick recognition of appropriate care when a workplace injury or illness occurs.

Combining the best of two industry-leading triage programs, Coventry’s NT24 and Comp Alliance’s Nurse Now, ClinicalCare24 provides employees with round-the-clock access 7 days a week, 365 days a year to expert nurses. The program is designed to help employers keep their team healthy and productive.

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“An early advantage associated with the organizational alignment of Mitchell | Genex | Coventry is the integration of our two nurse triage programs,” said Helen Froehlich, Senior Vice President Utilization Management. “The strength and depth of expertise from these programs provide significant value to our customers through ClinicalCare24.”

ClinicalCare24’s triage process is easy to use. When a workplace injury occurs, a call is placed to the program’s toll-free number. All calls are received by registered nurses (RNs) with current licensure and at least three years’ recent clinical experience in a related field. Through a series of questions, a nurse assesses the injury and determines if it necessitates treatment or can be treated through self-care. In non-emergency situations, the nurse can recommend a plan of action ranging from simple first-aid, self-care instructions to being seen by a provider.

If the employee chooses self-care, which occurs in most cases, the nurse provides specific self-care instructions and a follow-up call or text to monitor if the condition is improving. If treatment is indicated, the employee can be referred (if jurisdictionally allowed), to a preferred provider in the employer’s workers’ comp network. This ensures the employee will be seen by a credentialed provider experienced in the treatment of work-related injuries.

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To further meet the needs of employees, ClinicalCare24 is staffed by bilingual nurses and also supported by interpreters for non-English-speaking callers, as well as access to relay services for employees with hearing impairments, as part of the standard service.

“When workplace injuries occur, having a nurse available who speaks the same language as the employee goes a long way in establishing trust,” said Jennifer Stephens, Director, ClinicalCare24. “If that trust doesn’t begin during the onset, the employee can easily veer off course. This program helps employees recognize that their employer is invested in their wellbeing.”

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