Lasko Expands Fan Line with Innovative Summit Series

Lasko Products

WEST CHESTER, PALasko has unveiled its new Summit Series, expanding its fan portfolio to offer enhanced home comfort. Known as the top fan brand in the U.S., Lasko aims to combine cutting-edge technology with sleek design in this latest release.

The Summit Series features user-friendly innovations for added comfort, efficiency, and style. A standout is the Airsense Assistive Technology, which adjusts fan settings based on room temperature and user habits. This system includes four modes: Auto Mode for automatic speed adjustments, Custom Mode for personalized settings, Sleep Mode for quiet airflow, and Nature Mode to replicate a gentle outdoor breeze.

Additionally, the Summit Series introduces the CarbonX Filter. This filter captures dust, lint, and pet hair while neutralizing unpleasant odors, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The Pinnacle, Ascend, and Apex models all include this advanced filtration system without sacrificing cooling performance.

The Pinnacle 40″ Tower Fan (DST100) headlines the series. This model boasts WhisperForce™ DC Technology, delivering powerful airflow up to 32 feet per second with minimal noise at 24 decibels. Its 90-degree oscillation ensures widespread cooling while using 40% less energy than traditional fans. With 12 speed settings, the Pinnacle offers versatility from whisper-quiet to turbo high speeds.

The Apex 42″ Tower Fan (RST200) provides robust airflow that travels over 40 feet. It maintains low noise levels of 29 decibels at minimum speed, with six speed settings and wide-angle oscillation for even cooling.

The Ascend 36″ Tower Fan (OST100) delivers similar performance, offering four speeds and airflow reaching over 40 feet. It operates quietly at 29 decibels, ensuring a serene environment.

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Lastly, the Elevation 42″ – 54″ Adjustable Pedestal Tower Fan (EST100) offers height adjustability up to 54 inches. This model features four speeds, broad 90-degree oscillation, and quiet operation at 28 decibels.

Lasko’s new Summit Series aims to elevate home comfort with innovative features and refined design, catering to diverse consumer needs. The Summit Series models – DST100 ($100.66), OST100 ($62.98), EST100 ($79.99), and RST200 ($100.66) – have been released for purchase on Amazon.

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