HMP Global Announces Rollout of VRTX, Elevating the Virtual Event Experience


MALVERN, PA — In response to the digital transformation accelerated by a global pandemic, the world’s largest healthcare event and education company, HMP Global, announced that its VRTX (vertex) virtual event platform, developed and used to produce more than 250 events online in 2020, is now commercially available for third-party use.

VRTX features an incredibly simple design and user interface; offers visibility, networking and engagement tools designed to make the virtual experience feel like in person; and delivers seamless integration of a range of other features, eliminating complexity and the need for technical savvy on the part of event managers, exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees. More importantly, VRTX elevates the virtual experience by emphasizing and integrating “intangibles” into the process—deep know-how, attention to detail and exceptional support—honed from 30+ years of experience in event management and production, educational design and strategy, marketing, and customer service. The company delivers education to more than 1.1 million doctors, nurses and first responders around the world every year through its in-person meetings and digital channels.

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After building the platform in 2020, the company converted more than 250 events online, seeing attendance increase for many of its meetings as a result. The company aggregated and analyzed data to understand their audiences in greater depth and gathered input from exhibitors and sponsors to make ongoing refinements and introduce new features. VRTX was then released on a limited scale for use by a select group of pharmaceutical and medical device companies to host their own events.

“VRTX is the inventive result of our team coming together to rethink the way we brought our communities together to learn, connect, and collaborate,” said Jeff Hennessy, Chairman and CEO of HMP Global. “We live and breathe events that put the customer first—their virtual experience should not be an afterthought. We were committed to developing a customer-centric platform and process that mimics the live experience, making virtual feel like in person, and above all, making the attendee feel completely comfortable with an interface that they can easily navigate and get the most from the education and engagement. We believe we have built the leading virtual event platform and, combined with our consultative, thoughtful, and detailed approach to event design, production, and management, we are expertly positioned to continue to help our customers, clients, partners, and now other organizations elevate their virtual presence and deliver a high-quality, seamless experience to their audiences. This is only the start.”

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