Exton-based ARRB Group Announces Newest iPAVe (intelligent Pavement Assessment Vehicle) for U.S.

Exton-based ARRB Group Announces Newest iPAVe (intelligent Pavement Assessment Vehicle) for U.S.

EXTON, PA — ARRB Group, Inc. has announced the addition of a new iPAVe (intelligent Pavement Assessment Vehicle) to its growing fleet of data-collection vehicles in the United States. ARRB introduced the first iPAVe in 2016 and has collected thousands of miles of roadway condition data for Federal and State Departments of Transportation (DOT) clients over the last four years.

The iPAVe is a tractor-trailer-based system that collects comprehensive roadway condition data using cameras, sensors, lasers and 3D scanners. The iPAVe integrates technologies that enable the collection of roadway surface defects, structural capacity, and right-of-way information simultaneously at most posted traffic speeds. Compared to traditional means of data collection, efficiencies achieved through the iPAVe reduce the cost of collection by more than 50% and reduce time requirements by over 90%.

“ARRB’s iPAVe platform is the most technologically advanced continuous data collection tool in the world for the transportation infrastructure maintenance and management community,” says Nathan Kebede, Chief Operating Officer of ARRB. “It has dramatically improved both the quantity and quality of data available for comprehensive condition assessment and maintenance of roads and highways. The introduction of the newest-generation iPAVe will build on our expertise and enable us to provide enhanced data to DOTs that are increasingly relying on it for decision making.”

The new iPAVe provides several technological enhancements that make it the best roadway pavement assessment tool available:

  • Updated software and hardware generate more than double the data points with higher quality details of relevant data
  • Advanced enclosed environment is more efficient, reliable, and easier to maintain and operate
  • Higher-resolution cameras make it easier and faster to collect right-of-way information
  • 25% more Doppler lasers with new-generation technology collect data at a higher frequency, providing sharper resolution
  • Testing is possible on even the most rigid pavements, including airport surfaces.

“We have made great strides in unlocking more capabilities from our iPAVe platform,” said Jerry Daleiden, Principal Engineer at ARRB. “With the addition of our newest iPAVe, we are looking forward to helping DOTs take advantage of the expanded capabilities so they can continue to meet the growing challenge of maintaining our nation’s roads and highways.”

The new iPAVe is scheduled to be operational in January 2021.

For more information on the next-generation iPAVe, visit ARRBGroup.net. To schedule a consultation, call 610-321-8300, or email [email protected].

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