Envestnet’s Next-Gen Updates Unify Advisors and Enterprises, Elevating User Experience and Insightful Innovation


BERWYN, PA — Envestnet has rolled out another series of enhancements to bring more of the ecosystem together for advisors. Enhancements to the Envestnet platform were introduced as part of Envestnet’s ongoing effort to drive growth and greater productivity for its nearly 3,000 RIA firm clients and 47 of the largest 50 wealth management and brokerage firm clients through a consistent and unified digital experience.

“Through the continual enhancements to our integrated Envestnet ecosystem, advisors can improve their productivity, unlock new revenue streams, and be able to deliver more personalized investment solutions at scale, all while elevating the client experience for better outcomes,” said Tom Sipp, Executive Vice President, Business Lines at Envestnet. “Smart advice and smart technology are a powerful combination—and based on advisor feedback, we have further tailored our platform to enable advisors to maximize the value they can add to every client’s life.”

Enhancements throughout the Envestnet ecosystem include:

  • Security search enhancements within mutual account creation.
  • Extension of holding-level funding to ensure accurate reflection in the “Current Investments to Retain” and “Current Investments to Liquidate” proposal documents.
  • Generic orders for fixed-income securities, fulfilled by entering external trade details.
  • Trade simulations to give advisors greater visibility into possible outcomes and enable better trading decisions.
  • Worksheet trading tool enhancement to allow for sector-based trading and rebalancing, in addition to style-based trading and rebalancing.
Client Portal
  • Branch-level enablement, with templates configured at the Enterprise, Firm, and Branch levels.
  • Better account navigation to strengthen the digital access experience for linked and closed accounts.
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Insights Engine
  • The Insights Engine, part of the Envestnet Wealth Data Platform, now offers more than 100 different types of data-driven insights for advisors curated daily, including the new Money In Motion AI-reliant insight that establishes patterns in account activity and cash flows — such as regular deposits or withdrawals – and immediately calls out any significant deviations for advisors. For example, flagging large, very small or no monetary deposits, which prompt advisors to determine cause and work with clients on any financial position changes.
  • Additional insights include opportunities for:
    • Tax loss harvesting
    • Identifying whether a client has underperforming products.
    • Indicating a client who is retiring this year or approaching retirement.
    • Flagging if a client has a financial plan that needs updating.
    • Alerting if a client may have a life insurance gap in their plan; among many more.

Industry recognized, Insights Engine was named “Best AI-based solution for Financial Services” by the AI Breakthrough Awards in 2023.

“We’ve seen advisors harness Insights Engine to achieve significant year-over-year growth in brokerage-to-managed account conversions, and it provides advisors with an unmatched opportunity for growth and increased productivity,” added Sipp.

RIAs can now directly access Envestnet’s Insights Engine from the Tamarac CRM portal. To learn more, please visit https://www.envestnet.com/data-intelligence.

User Experience
  • Customizable Support & Training Center link provides easy access to documentation and training videos directly from the Envestnet platform.
  • Notes columns reimagine how advisors view and interact with notes on accounts, proposals, and service requests.
  • Performance reports optimized to improve load times and the visualization of exported reports.
  • “Quick Bookmark” Function enables advisors to quickly and seamlessly access various account, client, and other platform pages.
  • “Quick Launch” actions allows advisors to instantly launch into key workflows and platform pages, including active proposals, service request lists, client overview pages, and master account lists.
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“The goal of our end-to-end ecosystem is to bring advisors and their clients closer together at every point in their journey,” said Molly Weiss, Chief Product Officer, WealthTech and Solutions at Envestnet. “A third of all RIAs who manage more than $1B in AUM use Envestnet for a reason – our platform creates an optimized and seamless digital experience that helps them make sense of their clients’ short- and long-term finances—and become indispensable navigators for every client’s financial life.”

Advisors attending Future Proof in Huntington Beach, CA can learn more about Envestnet and its ecosystem by attending the keynote session A Battle for the Ages: Unpacking Generational Perspectives in Financial Uncertainty featuring Rich Aneser, Chief Strategy Officer of Envestnet on Wednesday, September 13 from 9:50 a.m. to 10:40 a.m. PT, Ocean Stage.

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