AGC Chemicals Americas Now Offers SOLESPHERE Microsphere Silica Gels for Skincare Formulations

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EXTON, PA — To help formulators develop high-performance, safer cosmetics and skincare products, AGC Chemicals Americas offers SOLESPHERE™ microsphere silica gels. When used in sunscreens, cosmetics and skin care formulations, SOLESPHERE microsphere silica gels boost sun protection factor (SPF) and add performance properties.

The Company states these silica gels can improve application smoothness, absorb oil and perspiration, give a matte appearance, minimize pores, reduce stickiness, diminish greasiness and provide abrasiveness for exfoliation.

SOLESPHERE microsphere silica gels can be used in oil-in-water (O/W) and water-in-oil (W/O) emulsions as well as anhydrous formulations. These silica gels are easy to use because formulators can add them to the oil or water phase, or even after they are combined.

SOLESPHERE microsphere silica gels are non-nanoparticle, nonplastic, nonpetroleum ingredients. They are made from silicon dioxide, a natural and sustainable material and are Ecocert- and COSMOS-certified for safety and sustainability. They are ideal replacements for microplastic, petroleum-derived and nanoparticle ingredients.

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For details, visit the SOLESPHERE Fine Silica Gels information page:

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