PJM Advances New Generation Projects with Phase I Study Completion

PJM Interconnection

VALLEY FORGE, PAPJM announced the completion of Phase I System Impact Studies for 306 proposed generation projects as part of Transition Cycle #1 of its new interconnection process. This milestone, achieved on May 20, 2024, marks a significant step forward in PJM’s efforts to reform its interconnection procedures.

Project developers now have 30 days to decide whether to proceed into the next study phase, which will begin on June 20. The projects in this cycle are expected to clear the study process and be ready for construction by mid-2025.

Separately, another set of 306 projects has already qualified for an Expedited Process, or “fast lane.” Final Agreements for these projects will be issued throughout 2024.

“This is another critical milestone for PJM’s widely supported interconnection process reform,” said Aftab Khan, Executive Vice President – Operations, Planning and Security. “New service requests for generation resources are moving through our process as designed and promised, with more than 200,000 MW of projects to be studied over the next two years to help states advance their energy policy goals.”

The Phase I Study process aims to help developers evaluate the economic viability of their projects. Results for the Transition Cycle #1 projects have been posted on a new webpage. This site includes an overall report for the project cluster and individual studies for each project. Users can filter projects by fuel type and location and access detailed information through pop-up mini-dashboards. This page highlights PJM’s shift from a queue-based study process to a cycle-based approach.

The legacy serial-study based page continues to provide information about projects in PJM’s previous interconnection queue.

PJM will continue its new interconnection process with the start of Cycle #2 in June. The cutoff date for applications is expected to be announced on June 20, with a deadline anticipated for December 16.

In total, PJM plans to process about 72,000 MW in projects by mid-2025 and 230,000 MW over the next three years. Over 90% of these projects are renewable or storage.

PJM’s interconnection process reform, supported by stakeholders and approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in November 2022, went into effect in July 2023. These reforms, developed with stakeholder input, transition from a “first-come, first-served” queue to a “first-ready, first-served” cycle approach, providing a more efficient and timely handling of New Service Requests.

PJM continues to update on study progress at the monthly public meetings of the Interconnection Process Subcommittee.

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