Over 83% of CEOs Want Employees Back in the Office in 2021, Only 10% of Employees Want to Return

Over 83% of Ceos Want Employees Back in the Office in 2021, Only 10% of Employees Want to Return

Global HR research consortium Best Practice Institute (BPI) released the initial findings of its workplace study that shows a significant discrepancy between the desires of CEOs and employees to return to the office in 2021. Over 83% of CEOs want employees back in the office in 2021, while only 10% of employees indicate they wish to be back in the office full time.

The discrepancy aligns with research performed by BPI’s CEO and Founder Louis Carter and published in his 2019 book with McGraw-Hill, In Great Company: How to Speak Peak Performance by Creating an Emotionally Connected Workplace, and the newly created Most Loved Workplaces list that focuses on building an organization centered around employee’s desire for respect and values as the best way to increase performance and productivity.

While only 10% of employees indicated their desire to return to the office full time in 2021, they did provide insights into what they are looking for upon return, all centered around trust and safety. Over 60% of employees responded they wouldn’t be comfortable returning without trusting the company’s confidence in communicating co-worker illness, clear instructions on health and safety policies, and the option to work from home.

The differences in employee and employer values will be highlighted on the new Most Loved Workplaces lists by including the 91% of American workers not employed by the largest companies. Since the 1990s,  business has had company lists that were predominantly focused on the old way of working with only the top 1% of employers. These company lists typically require some type of large financial contribution to be considered in the top 10. Additionally, those placements will usually only go to firms spending $ millions on reputation management firms which skews the ability to verify transparent and actionable results. In 2021, Most Loved Workplaces has filled the void of company lists and criteria that are focused on the new way of working.

The initial year of the study will culminate with the aggregated results being published in the December 2021 issue of Leader to Leader in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh Frances Hesselbein Leadership Forum.

“The study points toward the need to co-create a new working experience with employees in 2021, says Louis Carter, the study lead and CEO. “Although most CEOs want people to come back into the office, employees are very specific about what they expect. It is critical that leaders work with employees to create the best working environment not only feel comfortable about their health, but also feel respected for their choices.”

The study is intended to continue beyond 2021 to acquire the survey results of more than 10 million employee participants within 5 years. Organizations looking to participate in this year-long study can apply at https://mostlovedworkplace.com/.

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