Pacer ETFs Announces Acquisition of Two Factor-Based ETFs

Pacer ETFs

MALVERN, PAPacer ETFs, an ETF provider that offers passive rules-based strategies, announces the acquisition of two funds — the Salt High truBeta™ US Market ETF and the Salt Low truBeta™ US Market ETF. The acquisition of these funds allows Pacer to expand upon their Factor Suite of product offerings.

Effective October 5, the Salt High truBeta™ US Market ETF, was renamed the Pacer Salt High truBeta™ — US Market ETF (ticker: SLT). This fund targets US large- and mid-cap stocks expected to move more than the broader market and is for bullish investors who seek more exposure to market-sensitive sectors.

The second fund, the Salt Low truBeta™ US Market ETF, was renamed the Pacer Salt Low truBeta™ US Market ETF (ticker: LSLT). This fund targets US large- and mid-cap stocks that are historically less volatile than the broader market. This lower-volatility strategy provides investors the potential for upside exposure to equities while also potentially minimizing downside risk.

“The acquisition of these funds comes at a turning point in our market environment. As market volatility continues, investors are eager to access funds that can take into account the potential risks and rewards in this market with a factor-based approach,” says Sean O’Hara, president of Pacer ETFs Distributors. “The funds’ strategic focus on assessing beta allows us to provide investors with two unique products that align with our investment approach and rules-based philosophy.”

“Our mission is to provide investors with a diverse range of products to help meet their investment goals,” says Joe Thomson, founder and president of Pacer Financial, the distributor of Pacer ETFs. “The acquisition of these funds assists us in meeting the varied risk appetite of our client base in spite of the unprecedented uncertainty facing investors today.”

Pacer’s recent acquisitions are representative of the firm’s resilience and strategic advantages in the face of recent market turmoil. The acquisition of these funds marks Pacer’s fourth acquisition since 2019.

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