Brinker Capital Launches Behavioral Insights Series

Brinker Capital Inc

BERWYN, PA — Brinker Capital, a leading investment management company focused on multi-asset class investing, today announced the launch of its Behavioral Insights series, a three-part visual guide designed to provide financial advisors with a better understanding of how an individual’s behavior impacts their investing philosophy.

“Brinker Capital has been listening to financial advisors for over 30 years,” said Noreen D. Beaman, chief executive officer at Brinker Capital. “We know that one of the biggest challenges to their business is managing the emotions and behaviors of their clients. The Behavioral Insights series shows that effective financial education is simple, memorable, visual, and timely.”

The Behavioral Insights series is designed to educate financial advisors on some of the most important concepts of behavioral finance. Armed with new perspectives, advisors and their clients, can be more effective when making investment decisions that help them stay true to their financial goals and objectives. The series is divided into three parts focusing on:

  1. The behavioral investor – benchmarking and investing for yourself
  2. Investor psychology – common behavioral investing errors
  3. Behavioral alpha – the value of financial advice
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“There has been a considerable amount of interest in and enthusiasm for behavioral finance among advisors, but the tools have not always kept up with the demand,” said Daniel Crosby, Ph.D., Chief Behavioral Officer at Brinker Capital. “With the Behavioral Insights guide, we are providing a practical, memorable solution to help advisors improve their behavioral coaching proficiency.”

The Behavioral Insights series is the first project brought to market by the Behavioral Innovation Lab, powered by Brinker Capital. The Behavioral Innovation lab was launched in March 2019 to develop the tools, training, and technology that enable financial advisors to apply behavioral finance to their practice.

The purpose of the lab is to provide a new perspective on investor behavior and help financial advisors articulate and elevate their value when applying behavioral finance to the everyday life of their clients.

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To download the first chapter of the series, please visit

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