New Hires Want More Information About Job and Career Path During Hiring Process

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BERWYN, PA — The top two things new hires would like employers to improve in the hiring process include having more details and accurate information about the job and further conversations about their career path, according to feedback collected by SkillSurvey Post-HireTM from employees who started new jobs in the past eight months.

“Automating the collection of confidential feedback from new employees on their perception of the hiring process can help organizations optimize their recruiting programs and cut down on a key risk area for employee turnover — the critical first few months to a year,” said Ray Bixler, President and CEO of SkillSurvey.

The new hires started jobs with one of 26 employers across 14 different industries and represented a cross section of job levels ranging from entry-level/hourly to more advanced positions. They provided feedback on hiring experience surveys 9 days (on average) following their hire dates.

When asked what aspects of the hiring process they would like to see improved, the new hires indicated that recruiters and hiring managers should:

  • Ensure that discussions about the job match what was in the job posting
  • Clearly spell out the key details of the job
  • Confirm that the applicant understands their job responsibilities

In addition to wanting more insights about the position, the next top area new employees wanted to improve was to have more conversations about their future, including:

  • Spend more time discussing the applicant’s career path at the organization
  • Discuss how the career path at the employer aligns with that of the applicant

Some employees provided written comments that shine the light on new hire experiences, for example:

  • Several new hires who felt the specifics provided in the interview were not accurate or were not honored noted: “Be truthful about pay, schedules, and hours…” and “Information, scheduling, pay discussed and agreed upon during hiring process became a challenge.”
  • Another job applicant expressed that the job posting was not attractive or informative, but they were swayed by in-person interactions: “The job interview was very welcoming and made me really want to work for [Company], but before that I had to do lots of research.”

“Finding new employees is challenging and costly especially in today’s labor market. Employers can avoid time-consuming efforts and additional costs by getting feedback from new hires and using it to create a hiring process that prepares candidates for what lies ahead and ultimately leads to successful long-term placements,” said Bixler.

SkillSurvey Post-Hire is an automated all-in-one solution that leverages psychology and behavior-based feedback to obtain deeper insights to drive better organizational outcomes.

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