Good Gaming Issues Recent Corporate Update to Shareholders

Good Gaming

KENNETT SQUARE, PA — Good Gaming, Inc. (OTC PINK: GMER) CEO David B. Dorwart recently provided his recent corporate update through the issuance of this letter to shareholders:

“Below is our Operational Update. As you will see, we have made progress in growing our customer engagement with Good Gaming (GMER). All this has a positive impact on our Operations business relative to gaming. A note about relevance and numbers: Although we recognize our improvements have been nice to enjoy, we also acknowledge the revenue numbers are nothing close to what they need to be for a nice shareholder improvement.

“Relative to looking for strategic relationships, we continue to be optimistic that our efforts in searching for a great strategic partner will come our way. As I have mentioned before, our aim is high and our only goal is to increase shareholder value by operating a business that has raving fans.

“Operational report:

“Since our restructuring of Good Gaming development assets into the ViaOne Services development team in July 2020, we have found many key wins in the Minecraft business overall.

“On October 1, 2020, we performed our first Prison launch in over one year. This produced a record $10,569.87 in revenues for this game, our highest-earning month since 2018. In its first month, we experienced an average payment of $45.95 with a concurrent player count of 95. Our second month in November brought us a slightly higher average payment of $46.46 with an average concurrent player count of 49.

“November was spent using data gathered from our success to improve the performance of the network, increase retention and the engagement of players, and improve our microtransactions and RC AuctionHouse.

“We are also pleased to announce that in December 2020, we launched a new season of SkyBlock. SkyBlock Winter has produced $3,489.35 in revenues with an average payment of $32.92 and an average concurrent player count of 100 as of mid-January 2021.

“Our data analysis between the SkyBlock and Prison player bases has shown:

  • SkyBlock holds greater player counts than Prison with the total of new, unique, and concurrent player
  • Prison produces greater revenue than SkyBlock with total revenue, revenue per player, and per transaction

“Our next Prison launch “Prison Winter” aims to be a significant improvement over Prison Fall and is set to launch in the first quarter of 2021. Immediately after the launch of Prison Winter, the Company expects to immediately transition into a new SkyBlock series in order to launch this spring.

“Our current focus is to apply the analytics we have identified from SkyBlock and Prison, and compound the results of both game modes in order to achieve significant growth through the combined upwards momentum we have already created, and will continue to create going forward. We also continue to investigate methods of providing compelling microtransactions to get SkyBlock revenues competitive with Prison. Our Discord is quickly approaching our original goal of 10,000 members with an average of 1,000 concurrent users. We are also developing an incentive program for users to link their Minecraft accounts to our Discord.

“Minecraft News

“Hypixel Studios, the company responsible for creating the largest Minecraft network (Hypixel), was purchased in 2020 by Tencent-owned Riot Games, developers of popular esports games League of Legends and Valorant. This acquisition shows promising prospects for the space.

“Riot Games, Hypixel Studios is also working on their own, stand-alone sandbox competitor to Minecraft, named Hytale, which we may look to develop upon early.

“Minecraft has achieved tremendous growth on Twitch in recent months, growing from less than 10,000 viewers average prior to July 2019 to over 100,000 in early 2021, and is now ranking among the top 10 most-viewed games on Twitch. Minecraft also remains the most-watched game on YouTube. We feel this may present interesting advertising opportunities and partnerships in the near future as we look to increase our footprint and exposure in the Minecraft arena.

“Twitch data:
“YouTube data:

“Additionally, Mojang, the Microsoft company behind Minecraft, made sweeping changes to their commercial usage guidelines in 2020, becoming much more lenient on the type of items Minecraft server operators are allowed to sell. These changes have allowed us to develop our virtual currency, move our store “in-game,” and facilitate a player-driven auction house. All of which have helped grow our conversion rates significantly. We look to exploit and take further advantage of these lucrative opportunities throughout 2021.

“For more information about Good Gaming please visit our website:

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