Meteomatics Sets Sights on U.S. with North American Headquarters Opening in Exton, Pennsylvania


EXTON, PAMeteomatics, a leading weather intelligence and technology company, has announced plans to extend its services to energy companies and investors in the United States. As part of its U.S. expansion, As a pivotal step in this expansion, Meteomatics has established its North American headquarters in Exton, Pennsylvania. This strategic move will enable Meteomatics to cater to a wider audience and enhance its presence in the United States market. The company, which serves as the primary weather data source for 80% of Europe’s top electricity companies, recently established dedicated operations in the U.S.

Global energy demand is projected to increase by 23% by 2045, and with over 100 countries committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, there is a growing reliance on renewable energy sources. Accurately forecasting weather patterns is crucial to managing these resources efficiently and avoiding economic losses, as even a 1% difference in forecast error can result in millions of dollars in losses per year.

Meteomatics’ sophisticated weather data gathering, modeling, and distribution models enable companies to predict when, where, and how much energy will be fed into the grid, assisting in energy management, risk minimization, and earnings optimization. The company combines hyperlocal weather data with live data from power plants to provide intra-day and day-ahead energy forecasts for solar, wind, and hydropower.

Kevin Rosati, Senior Facilities and Energy Management Engineer at Toyota Europe, praised Meteomatics for its accuracy, stating, “The accuracy of its weather data helps us to plan better, to increase the efficiency of our energy systems, and to reduce costs.”

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Meteomatics’ expansion into the U.S. allows energy companies and investors to access, analyze, and visualize complex weather data to make informed decisions. These include predicting energy demand and usage, forecasting energy production from renewable sources, assessing energy prices and investments in real-time, and protecting energy infrastructure from potential weather-related damage.

Paul Walsh, CEO of Meteomatics N.A., emphasized the crucial role of weather in meeting global power needs. He expressed the company’s eagerness to work with more U.S. energy companies and investors, stating: “Over the past decade, Meteomatics has made weather data easily accessible and valuable to businesses, and we’re looking forward to working with more U.S. energy companies and investors to guide critical decisions, optimize operations and maximize their yields.”

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