Local Reiki Business Expands Services as Mental Health and Emotional Needs Grow

Marianne DiFabioMarianne DiFabio /Submitted Image

AVONDALE, PA — As the world continues to grapple with the aftermath of the pandemic, Avondale-based R&R Reiki Room aims to empower individuals by offering unique holistic healing approaches that foster mental and emotional well-being. According to the 2022 KFF/CNN Mental Health in America Survey, 90% of US adults believe that the country is facing a mental health crisis, and nearly half of parents said that the pandemic had a negative impact on their child’s mental health.

“R&R Reiki Room recognizes the critical importance of addressing mental health needs as part of a holistic approach to healing and self-care,” says Marianne Difabio, the founder of R&R Reiki Room. “Through our Reiki sessions, we aim to help people restore balance, find inner strength, and cultivate a sense of peace amidst the challenges they may be facing.”

“I never truly understood the power of Reiki until I experienced it firsthand,” says Alyssa Capes of Reading PA, a client of R&R Reiki Room. “The anxiety I felt during the pandemic took a toll on my health, leaving me feeling overwhelmed. After trying other methods, I decided to try Reiki. The session provided me with a sense of calm and tension release, helping me to relax. I started to sleep better, my mind felt clearer, and I felt more equipped to handle the challenges and uncertainties of this post-COVID era.”

“Reiki can be a game changer for anyone struggling to manage job-related stress, mental health and emotional challenges at work or home. Even pets can benefit from Reiki!” says Difabio. In addition to providing Reiki healing sessions, R&R Reiki Room offers a curated collection of exquisite crystals and Reiki-infused crystal jewelry. Difabio handpicks all crystal goods for their unique energy properties. From quartz to amethyst, obsidian to malachite, their diverse array caters to all spiritual aspirations.

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