Envestnet | PMC Launches Cost-Effective and Tax-Efficient ActivePassive ETFs for Financial Advisors


BERWYN, PA — Envestnet | PMC announced it has launched a series of ActivePassive Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) enabling financial advisors to access this combined strategy within cost-effective, tax-efficient, liquid, and transparent investment vehicles. These new ETFs will be featured in the ActivePassive PMC ETF Portfolios1.

This launch supports Envestnet | PMC’s ongoing research indicating that systematic factor-based strategies and skilled, traditional active strategies combined with passive investment vehicles may be a more efficient and cost-effective approach to returns generation. The four ActivePassive ETFs—the ActivePassive U.S. Equity ETF (APUE), ActivePassive International Equity ETF (APIE), ActivePassive Core Bond ETF (APCB), and ActivePassive Intermediate Municipal Bond ETF (APMU)—consist of passive and factor-based exposures managed by Envestnet, and active exposures managed by third-party industry known investment managers that are carefully vetted by PMC’s research team.

“As pioneers bringing together active and passive investment styles, our mission has always been to provide investors with a single portfolio that marries the best attributes of both active and passive investing at a low cost,” said Dana D’Auria, CFA, Co-Chief Investment Officer and Group President of Envestnet Solutions. “ETFs are inherently tax-efficient and liquid structures, and help make it easier for advisors to build portfolios aligned with client needs. We are proud to be able to make active and passive investing combinations both actionable and accessible to advisors and their clients.”

The ETFs are available in the ActivePassive PMC ETF Portfolios, Envestnet | PMC’s ActivePassive multi-asset model portfolios, and have been offered to implement the views of the models’ portfolio managers in a tax-efficient way with no additional management fee. Greg Classen, CFA, Principal Director of Portfolio Management at Envestnet | PMC, and Tim Murphy, Director of Portfolio Management at PMC, have led the management of the ActivePassive PMC Portfolios since 2014, producing attractive results relative to benchmarks and peers.

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“The launch of the ActivePassive ETFs gives us the opportunity to harness all of our best asset management and research resources within PMC and across the Envestnet ecosystem for the benefit of advisors and their clients,” said Brooks Friederich, Principal Director of Research Strategy at Envestnet | PMC. “Our ActivePassive portfolios and ETF wrapper options simplify the blending of active and passive investments for advisors, aimed at allowing them to devote more time to revenue-producing activities and helping to improve outcomes for their clients.”

More information about the ActivePassive ETF Portfolios is available at https://go.envestnet.com/l/810433/2022-08-29/p3tq3t.

1 The PMC ActivePassive portfolios are available for use by financial advisors on the Envestnet platform only. The investor should consult with their financial advisor for guidance when seeking to invest in the ActivePassive ETFs that may be accessed through the ActivePassive Portfolios or via direct investment.

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