10 Single Moms in Philly Area Get a Chance to Build Their Own Business

Nicole and DJ PurvyNicole and DJ Purvy (Submitted Image)

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Nicole Purvy, entrepreneur and founder of Philly Real Estate Week, Inc. (PREW) and the Better Than Success (BTS) Real Estate League, is launching an innovative AI-rooted, hi-tech program for aspiring real estate investors, and she’s gifting this new program and mentorship opportunities to 10 single moms in the Philadelphia area in an effort to help them build their own business and a path to create generational wealth for their families.

Founded in 2016 with 400 members, the Better Than Success Real Estate League is the premier real estate club for first-generation entrepreneurs, investors and wealth builders in the Philadelphia region. Now, Purvy has created a first-ever psychology-based, AI mentor assessment approach that is personalized to each individual’s background, experience and strengths. “This year-long mentorship will get first-timers to the closing table faster. It absolutely doesn’t matter if you have no experience or even bad credit,” said Purvy.

The mentor coaching session begins with an in-depth online assessment that sorts member-investors into one of 22 distinct real estate investing archetypes (e.g., The Learning Freshman, The Tenacious Ally, The Collaborative Lion, to name a few.) which help them to better understand their own learning journey and the next best action(s) to begin or continue their path forward.

Over the next 12 months, the AI Mentor then delivers personalized education modules based on the member-investor’s specific unique circumstances and real estate investing archetype, so that there is less guesswork in deciding what lectures and training videos to watch based on their needs, goals, and interests with a guiding hand along the way. The online coaching sessions tailored for each person are led by 12 BTS Certified Real Estate Executives personally trained by Purvy.

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Typically, the one-year program would cost $2,364 per person, but Purvy has decided to offer this opportunity for free to 10 single mothers. She knows first-hand the struggles of raising a child alone while trying to achieve financial independence. “I decided to offer this scholarship to single mothers because as a single parent myself, I understand how important it is to generate income while still providing all the love and attention a child needs. The last thing we want is for our children to suffer because we’re more focused on trading time for money rather than on raising them. Also, children are insanely expensive, and we single mothers need a means to earn as much income and build as much wealth as possible in order to provide for them.”

Single mothers can apply for this scholarship by posting a one-minute or less Instagram video (with their kids) about why they deserve this opportunity and tagging @BetterThanSuccess and @NicolePurvy by the end of September. Winners will be announced in early October.

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