Rampmaster Delivers First Zero Emission Electric Jet Refueler in the U.S.


COATESVILLE, PA — Rampmaster has delivered the first zero-emission all-electric jet refueler truck in the United States to Signature Aviation’s Vail location at Eagle County Regional Airport in Colorado. The E-lectric Refueler, replacing the diesel engine with an electric motor and hydraulic pump powered by lithium batteries, aims to enhance operations and reduce airport emissions.

The 5,000-gallon E-lectric Vehicle Refueler, unveiled in 2023, supports the aviation industry’s goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Signature Aviation, the world’s largest network of private aviation terminals, has long used Rampmaster’s diesel refuelers. The companies collaborated to integrate this sustainable solution at Signature’s Vail location, chosen for Colorado’s leadership in climate initiatives.

Rampmaster’s refueler trucks feature a patented modular design. Components for power, pump, and tank can be easily swapped for maintenance or upgrades. The fully electric vehicles offer several benefits:

  • Lithium battery technology with safety features separating the battery from the fueling pump and tank
  • Battle Motors / BorgWarner Cascadia motion motor and EV chassis meeting airport and aviation requirements
  • Full battery DC fast charge in less than two hours, providing about eight hours of refueling run time
  • Extended refueler lifespan of 20 years with minimal degradation compared to traditional designs
  • Lower maintenance needs and significant fuel savings
  • Reduced airport emissions

The innovative design includes a roof-mounted battery chiller and blanket heater, maintaining optimal battery temperature in extreme conditions. Rampmaster’s Electric Management System (EMS) controls motor revolutions for efficiency, reducing motor wear and optimizing charge time.

The E-lectric Vehicle Refueler is also equipped with Battle Motor’s Digital Dash, offering easy access to data, diagnostics, and service manuals. Telemetrics monitor the chassis, transmitting data every three seconds. Mobileye 8 Connect™, a standard feature, enhances safety by preventing and mitigating collisions.

Rampmaster’s modular refuelers range from 3,000 to 17,500 gallons, with equipment used at major U.S. city airports and by contractors serving the U.S. military in the Middle East. This latest innovation marks a step forward in sustainable aviation solutions, aligning with global efforts to reduce environmental impact.

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