Mullen Coughlin Expands Incident Response Team with New Senior Partner

Mullen Coughlin

DEVON, PA — Mullen Coughlin LLC, an international data privacy and security law firm, has announced the addition of Chris Ballod as Senior Partner to its Incident Response team. Ballod brings over two decades of experience in cyber insurance and digital forensic incident response (DFIR), having held prominent positions in the field, including his most recent role as Associate Managing Director at a leading cybersecurity risk management firm.

Ballod’s extensive background encompasses both legal expertise and hands-on experience in managing complex data privacy incidents. His career includes leading forensic investigations into hundreds of data breaches, giving him a deep understanding of the intricate data privacy landscape.

“It is my great honor to join the team that made the incident response community what it is today,” Ballod said. “The attorneys and staff at Mullen Coughlin are some of the best and most experienced in the field, and I am excited for us to face the future of this industry together.”

Ballod’s addition reinforces Mullen Coughlin’s commitment to providing tailored legal services for data privacy and security incidents. His proven track record enhances the firm’s ability to offer unparalleled cybersecurity and data privacy legal counsel to organizations worldwide.

“The addition of our friend, and now colleague, is another chapter in the Firm’s dedication to one theme—One Firm, One Focus: Cyber,” said Mullen Coughlin CEO John F. Mullen. “I’ve worked with Chris for many years, both at previous law firms and as a business partner, and know that he will make an immediate impact here and for our clients and cyber insurance partners.”

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Jennifer A. Coughlin, Managing Member of Mullen Coughlin, expressed similar sentiments. “Chris is recognized by all in the market as having unmatched legal and forensic investigatory experience, and we are excited for him to utilize this experience to further solidify the Firm’s established reputation as the go-to law firm for data privacy and incident response legal counsel, consistently delivering on the needs of the cyber insurance industry.”

The importance of Ballod joining Mullen Coughlin extends beyond the firm’s internal dynamics. His expertise in navigating the ever-evolving field of data privacy law and forensic investigations strengthens the firm’s capacity to handle increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. As data breaches become more prevalent and complex, the need for skilled legal counsel becomes critical.

For businesses, this means having access to a law firm that can not only respond effectively to data incidents but also provide proactive strategies to mitigate risks. This dual approach—reactive and preventative—helps organizations safeguard sensitive information and maintain compliance with stringent data protection regulations.

Moreover, the addition of Ballod highlights the growing intersection between legal expertise and technical proficiency in the field of cybersecurity. Firms like Mullen Coughlin are setting a precedent for how comprehensive incident response should be managed, combining legal acumen with forensic investigation skills.

This development is significant for the broader industry as well. As cyber threats evolve, the demand for specialized legal services that can address these challenges in real-time increases. Mullen Coughlin’s strategy of bolstering its team with experienced professionals like Ballod reflects a broader trend of law firms enhancing their capabilities to meet the rising tide of cyber threats.

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In conclusion, Chris Ballod’s arrival at Mullen Coughlin marks a strategic enhancement of the firm’s incident response prowess. By integrating his extensive experience with the firm’s existing expertise, Mullen Coughlin is poised to offer even more robust support to its clients. This move not only strengthens the firm’s position in the market but also sets a new standard for excellence in data privacy and cybersecurity legal services.

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