CertainTeed Unveils Groundbreaking U.S. Industry Trend Report: Explores the Future of Home Construction and Renovation

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MALVERN, PA — The landscape of residential building and renovation is continually evolving, driven by changing weather patterns, green initiatives, and the shifting tastes of homeowners. CertainTeed, a leading name in sustainable building solutions, recently unveiled its keenly anticipated U.S. Industry Trend Report at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The comprehensive report, compiled in collaboration with market research giant Ipsos, surveys the perspectives of homeowners and industry professionals across the U.S. This extensive research offers profound insights into the priorities shaping home construction today and in the future.

A total of 702 U.S. adults — comprising industry professionals and homeowners planning renovations within the next 1-2 years — participated in the study. Among the trends examined in the report are the impacts of extreme weather, wellness-centered construction, ROI-driven upgrades, and the allure of curb appeal.

Extreme Weather Building: The New Normal

The report reveals an unsettling trend – 70% of homeowners and 86% of professionals have observed drastic weather changes within the last two years. However, less than half feel confident in their homes’ ability to withstand these extremes. Durability has emerged as a top priority in selecting building materials, echoing the sentiments of both consumers and professionals.

Wellness at the Forefront of Home Building

Healthy homes are no longer a luxury but a requirement. Building materials such as drywall, insulations, and siding play a crucial role in creating a healthy living environment. A significant portion of professionals and consumers agree that their homes significantly contribute to their well-being, highlighting the importance of using non-toxic materials in home construction and renovation.

Emerging Priorities in Home Renovation

Roofing, insulation, and siding emerged as top renovation priorities among surveyed professionals and consumers. Interestingly, Millennials place a higher emphasis on factors such as comfort, ease of installation, and sustainability of materials.

Strategic Home Upgrades for Increased ROI

The perception of a better return on investment is driving demand for specific home updates. Insulation, roofing, and siding are the top updates seen by both consumers and professionals to boost a home’s ROI.

The Enduring Appeal of Curb Appeal

With just over a third of surveyed homeowners satisfied with their home’s curb appeal, many seek to rekindle their love for their homes with strategic upgrades. Exterior color palettes like light gray, natural tones, and neutral hues have emerged as top preferences.

Millennials Lead the Charge for Sustainability

Millennial respondents show a stronger preference for sustainability, with a significant portion prioritizing responsibly sourced materials. A noteworthy percentage of both professionals and consumers consider sustainability a key quality when selecting building material brands.

Solar Power: A Bright Future

Despite concerns about durability, cost, and maintenance, the integration of solar power into homes is gaining momentum. A higher percentage of professionals and homeowners from the South and West regions are more likely to consider solar roofing.

CertainTeed remains at the forefront of industry advancements, providing innovative and sustainable building solutions that make the world a better home. Their comprehensive report offers an invaluable, in-depth understanding of the future of home building and renovation. To view the full report and its findings, visit the CertainTeed website here.

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