Top Tips for Compelling Food & Beverage Package Design that Sells, According to West Chester’s DePersico Creative

Top Tips for Compelling Food & Beverage Package Design that Sells, According to West Chester's DePersico Creative

WEST CHESTER, PA — 72% of consumers agree that packaging design can influence their purchasing decision, yet many food and beverage brands still believe their product will succeed due to its taste alone. DePersico Creative, a West Chester-based design studio specializing in Food & Beverage packaging since 1976, explains that food products’ package design is the most significant factor in building sales for retail food products.

Even if a food product is delicious, innovative and priced right, it doesn’t mean it will sell. Packaging is responsible for the powerful first impression and interaction most consumers will have with a brand.

The elements brands can incorporate to create compelling food & beverage packaging design that attracts attention are:

  1. Balance: Balance in design comes down to a careful and measured approach in how much can be communicated without being too much. It guides how much visual real estate something takes up on a package and how much mental real estate it takes up in the mind of the shopper.
  2. Eye Flow: It is natural for consumers’ eyes to move across certain shapes, curves and lines in identifiable patterns. Brands should lead the eyes of potential buyers directly to their appetite appeal and key messaging.
  3. Appetite Appeal: Appetite appeal is a critical factor in a shopper’s decision to purchase a food or beverage product. There are techniques to make a product look mouthwateringly delicious, driving desire and triggering trial through imagery.
  4. Creative Linguistics: Creative linguistics are the brief phrases, positioning lines and descriptions that artfully convey the positive attributes of a product or brand. They help tell the compelling visual story that package design needs to present.

These are just a few of the tools in the arsenal that specialists in food & beverage package design use to inspire trial purchase decisions which lead to repeat purchases, brand loyalty and growing retail sales results, both on the shelf and online.

The bottom line is that a great food or beverage product must have great package design to inspire trial.

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