Ahead of Easter, Chester County Resident Recognized for Commitment to Duck Rescue

duckOne of the ducks Katy Wolfington adopted from LION after she was abandoned following Easter 2020

KENNETT SQUARE, PA — This year, ahead of Easter, Long Island Orchestrating for Nature (LION) has presented Katy Wolfington, a Chester County resident, and her business Waterbury Kitchen & Bath LLC, an award-winning design company located in Kennett Square, their Company of the Year award in recognition of their charitable contributions to waterfowl rescue and Katy’s commitment to duck rescue and adoption.

Katy Wolfington

“Katy, who cares for several domestic ducks, including rescues named Trumpet, Minnow, Penguin, and Pigeon, is everything we could ask for in an adoptive home. She knows that ducklings are not Easter photo props, school science experiments, or trash to be discarded when you don’t want them anymore,” stated John Di Leonardo, said LION President and Anthrozoologist. “They are thinking, feeling individuals and abandoning them is no different than abandoning a dog or a cat.”

Domestic waterfowl have tiny wings, large bodies, and typically no camouflage. They don’t know how to forage adequately and cannot fly or migrate. They are also a 10+ year commitment and require specialized veterinary care that not all veterinarians are able to provide.  Domestic ducks are as different from wild ducks as a housecat is from a tiger and are literally sitting ducks for predators and cruel people when abandoned to the wild.

LION is urging the public not to buy and abandon ducklings for Easter and thanked Katy Wolfington and Waterbury Kitchen & Bath for their contributions to the humane treatment of animals.

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