A Local Photographer Works Towards Improving Society’s Perception of Shelter Pets Through “Paw-liday” Photos

A Local Photographer Works Towards Improving Society’s Perception of Shelter Pets Through “Paw-liday” Photos

Philadelphia photographer and author of The Woman’s Best Friend Project,” Kristen Kidd, is giving back to Chester County’s local shelter, Brandywine Valley SPCA this holiday season.

The holiday season brings the reminder and drive to give back to local communities and charities that need the most help. As her own version of a holiday giveback, Kristen Kidd is taking it upon herself to take complimentary “paw-liday” photos to showcase adoptable dogs in need of homes at Brandywine Valley SPCA. By opening her lens and capturing beautiful moments of these shelter pets, we are hopeful that Kristen’s photos will help better tell the stories of these animals and empty the shelters by the end of the holidays! By giving shelter dogs an opportunity to have a chance in the spotlight, Kristen also hopes that her photos will be able to tell the story of the dogs who can’t voice it themselves. Every picture tells a story; these heartwarming photos have the opportunity to share where an animal has been, how it changed their lives, and how a new family could give them a second chance.

Brandywine Valley SPCA is a shelter that is valued by so many. Located in West Chester, PA, BVSPCA is known for being the first no-kill, open-admission shelter in Pennsylvania. Founded in 1929, BVSPCA has been helping animals find their “fur-ever” homes for almost 100 years. Kristen Kidd shared a little more about why she chose BVSPCA to be the beneficiary of the second edition of “Woman’s Best Friend Project.” We spoke with Kristen on why she chose to begin this giveback initiative in the first place.

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“Really, I took a look around my community and asked myself who does the most good and who needs support during this time. After we partnered with Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue for the first edition, I knew we had the opportunity to grow into a new rescue partner. Brandywine Valley SPCA represents the support that we love to see for dogs, so that they have the chance to live a full life with a family,” said Kristen.

Kristen has been a professional photographer for years now, but told us that photographing these strong bonds between woman and furry friend is one of her favorite pastimes. It offers her the unique opportunity to hear the story behind the bond, something that most photographers don’t get to know. Kristen is able to generate the opportunity to document each woman’s special story by asking the remarkable question: When has your dog been there for you in a way a human could not?

After photographing the humans and their pets and hearing their stories that accompanied their overwhelmingly dynamic bonds, Kristen Kidd decided to create “The Woman’s Best Friend Project” with the giveback incentive in which all profits of the book would go to a local animal shelter. Kristen’s goal is overwhelmingly inspired by the powerful connections between women and their dogs and her passion to raise money for local rescues. The project also aims to erase stigmas associated with grief, depression, anxiety, breed discrimination and loving our four-legged friends as much as we might love some humans.  Most importantly, if these animals at shelters such as Brandywine Valley SPCA are adopted, they have the ability to create more dynamic bonds with their families and help them through tough times. For so many families, they do not feel truly complete without the addition of a furry friend.

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As the rescue partner and beneficiary of Kristen Kidd’s second edition coffee table book, Brandywine Valley SPCA fully benefits from all the profits from the book sales. Brandywine Valley SPCA constantly works towards finding the heart in humanity through its gift of loving pets to the community. Kristen finds it fitting that her giveback often stems back to these local rescues because the homeless animals are deserving to get a chance at a better life.

In order to shed a “paw-sitive” light on the current time, Kristen is photographing the precious moments of these adoptable animals to help them be found by their fur-ever families. Make sure you are on the lookout for these animals in their “paw-liday” photos! The holiday season is known to be the time of giving; placing these adoptable pets in their fur-ever homes and giving them a new life is the “purr-fect” gift. Let’s open our hearts and clear the shelters this holiday!

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