Santa’s 2019 Christmas Eve Flight Schedule Announced

NORTH POLE — Santa Claus today announced his 2019 Christmas Eve flight schedule. Santa tells MyChesCo that he is preparing to visit Chester County’s children and is performing final reviews of the official Naughty or Nice List.

This year’s Christmas Eve flight schedule expects Santa Claus to make gift deliveries slightly faster than in 2018.  North Pole engineers inform MyChesCo the accelerated pace is due largely to improvements to the sleigh’s “time core” and “temporal stabilizer”.

In last year’s interview with North Pole officials, we discovered that Santa’s sleigh uses elven technology to move backward and forward along a loop of time, allowing Santa to travel between any point in time-space and giving him the ability to traverse well over 316,000,000 miles in a single night. The new modifications improve the way space-time can be warped and curved by the mass and acceleration of Santa’s sleigh.

Early in the day on Christmas Eve, in preparation for the flight launch, Santa will get ready by checking all the presents, reviewing his email, taking a short nap, and eating a healthy meal. When ready, Santa will then complete a preflight inspection of the sleigh and provide the reindeer with a final health check.

Santa will begin his 2019 Christmas Eve flight at 6 am Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5) on December 24th by first visiting the Republic of Kiritimati, a nation in the central Pacific and the first country after the international dateline. After making deliveries to the continents of Australia, Asia, Africa, and Europe, he will reach Brazil, the first nation he will visit in the Americas, at 8:35 pm.

Following a South to North pattern, Santa anticipates reaching Pennsylvania at 10:40 pm. Since Chester County is in the southern part of the commonwealth, we should expect to receive confirmation of his visits at or very shortly after this time. Regardless, barring unforeseen delays, all statewide deliveries will be completed in an astounding 5 minutes, and Santa will then enter New York state airspace at roughly 10:45 pm.

If invited, Santa Clause will visit the home of any child who believes in him, regardless of religion, race, ancestry, gender or any other superficial characteristics. However, to receive a gift from Santa, a child must be in bed no later than 9 pm. If a parent knows that holiday festivities will keep their child up past this curfew, they must file a waiver with the North Pole no later than December 23rd.

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