Health First Wellness Center Reminds Area Residents That Their Most Valuable Possession Isn’t Their Car

Health First Wellness Center Reminds Area Residents That Their Most Valuable Possession Isn't Their Car

MALVERN, PA — A Malvern, Pennsylvania chiropractor is putting the word out about the need for area residents to invest at least the same care and attention in their bodies as they do in their vehicles. According to Dr. Thomas Miles, the chiropractor at Health First Wellness Center, many people will spend the necessary time and money to keep their cars running well without giving similar or higher priority to their own health and wellness.

“We all recognize that a car is important for getting around and doing all the things we need and want to do in life,” says Dr. Miles. “But not all of us realize that our bodies are even more important for accomplishing those same things — and unlike our car, we can’t simply purchase a new body when the current one wears out.”

Dr. Miles, who has previously written on this subject for the Health First Wellness Center website, notes that even individuals who perform regular maintenance on their cars are usually content to get away with the minimum recommended service, while others simply wait for pieces of their car to break down and address the emergencies as they occur. “You can get away with these strategies on a vehicle, which is simply an assembly of made-to-order parts that can be replaced easily,” he explains. “But you only get one body, and even in this age of transplants and prostheses, many critical organs and other components can’t be replaced.”

The chiropractor hopes to make families in and around Malvern aware of the value of physical maintenance, even above that of vehicular maintenance. He points out that if a car owner knew he could never get another car, he would do everything possible to keep the current car in peak condition for as long as possible — a philosophy people should also apply to their musculoskeletal systems.

“Regular checkups and maintenance are crucial because, just as you don’t necessarily know your car has a lurking mechanical failure, you can’t know for certain how healthy you are purely from how you feel,” says Dr. Miles. Losing comfort and function due to undiagnosed ailments, he adds, forces individuals to either spend extra time and money on treatment or simply give up and accept a lifetime of pain and functional limitations.

Mr. Miles hopes to convince Malvern residents to visit the clinic so they can receive personalized health and wellness plans. “We can help them with everything from musculoskeletal balance to diet and exercise recommendations,” he says.

Health First Wellness Center, located in Malvern, Pennsylvania, offers chiropractic care, corrective exercises, and other natural wellness services. Interested parties are directed to call 610-647-2940 for more information.

Source: Health First Wellness Center, 74 Malin Rd, Malvern PA 19355

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