Chester County Health Department Introduces Chesco On The Move

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WEST CHESTER, PA — The Chester County Health Department announced the introduction of “Chesco On The Move” – its renewed focus on movement as a benefit for both our bodies and minds.

The need to increase movement among Chester County residents motivated the launch of Chesco On The Move to promote that movement is for all abilities, fitness levels, and ranges of mobility. From yard work to kayaking to dancing, all types of movement support improving your health.

“All too often, when we think about movement, we automatically associate it with sweat-inducing workouts, or exercise that is planned, structured, and repetitive to improve or maintain physical fitness,” said Jeanne Franklin, Director of the Chester County Health Department, “Movement, or physical activity, is any activity that uses your muscles and makes you feel good, relieves stress, and allows for a greater connection with your body and mind.”

According to a recent survey by the Chester County Health Department, of nearly 4,000 residents, 60% of respondents reported physical activity as one of the top three behaviors that improve health and wellness. Despite its importance, only 24% of Pennsylvanians participate in physical activities or exercises other than their regular jobs.

The benefits of movement, information on where to move more in Chester County, and tips for moving more can be found at

To support all County residents in moving more, the Health Department is offering a digital affiliate program called “Chesco Moves with MoveSpring”. This free online movement platform allows registrants to track their physical movement. MoveSpring is compatible with most wearable fitness trackers and can be accessed through the MoveSpring app or a desktop browser. MoveSpring members can compete in challenges against others, set individual goals, and track their progress over time.

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The Health Department invites everyone who lives or works in Chester County to register for MoveSpring and to use the unique organization code ChescoMoves. Participants will gain access to exclusive challenges and features in MoveSpring, including a chat function that allows them to meet and encourage other Chester County locals who are motivated to move more this year.

Chesco On The Move also supports Chester County’s recently-launched Fresh Air, Self-Care Chesco initiative and has been added as a resource to the Fresh Air, Self-Care web page.

“We hope Chesco On The Move will enable residents to incorporate moving more into their daily life,” added Jeanne Franklin. “Chesco Moves with MoveSpring is an opportunity for residents to approach moving more in a fun, engaging, and inclusive way. Individuals can build community among fellow MoveSpring members who want to make physical activity more of a priority this year.”

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