The Top Ten Best Hoagie Shops in Chester County, Ranked

The Top Ten Best Hoagies in Chester County

Chester County has all sorts of different types of food, but sometimes you just want a good sandwich. Whether you call it a grinder, sub, or by its proper name, the hoagie, sometimes that’s exactly the food you crave. If you live in the area, here are the best places to get hoagies in Chester County.

The Best Hoagies in Chester County

1. Lorenzo’s Steaks and Hoagies
216 E Market St, West Chester, PA 19382 · (610) 696-5400
If you like food, and why would you be reading this if you don’t, you’ll love Lorenzo’s. They have it all: wings, breakfast sandwiches, and the best hoagies in Chester County. They are famously known for their cheesesteaks, and they make eight different types. Regardless, if you want hoagies, this is the place for you!

2. Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop
117 E Swedesford Rd, Exton, PA 19341 · (610) 363-7095
This is a local chain with shops in Delaware and Eastern PA, and they make excellent hoagies! Capriotti’s will likely wow you with their signature sandwiches,  like the nationally acclaimed “The Bobbie” or their new  Wagyu Cheese Steak, but it is their more traditional sandwiches that keep people coming back.

3. Giorgio’s Pizza and Subs
135 West Lincoln Hwy, Exton, PA 19341 · (610) 524-6104
This is an old-style pizza and hoagie place. They craft top-notch hoagies as well as incredible chicken and meatball parmesan sandwiches with specially made bread. While it is not much to look at on the outside, you will be back.

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4. Bevan’s Cold Cuts
551 E Gay St, West Chester, PA 19380 · (610) 692-9958
As every hoagie lover knows, the secret is in the bread. Bevan’s uses only Amoroso’s rolls, known throughout the region as being one of the tastiest rolls available. Regardless, this family-run business is definitely better than most other hoagie shops in the area.

5. Sam’s Sub Shop
329 E State St, Kennett Square, PA 19348 · (610) 444-3580
In business since 1946, Sam’s is a small but popular hoagie shop, and all the food is good. There’s a bakery down the street that makes the bread for them, and all the toppings are fresh, with the food cooked to order. Who cares if you need to take it to go?

6. Primo Hoagies
155 Pottstown, Pike Chester Springs, PA 19425 · (610)-321-0499
Primo’s first opened its doors in South Philadelphia and, as you can tell by their name, specialize in hoagies, which are some of the best you’ll find. Primos are most well known for their Italian Hoagies. They have five different types and all are fantastic, whatever hoagie you are craving, Primos has you covered.

7. Deli-Grove
1401 S Whitford Rd, West Chester, PA 19380 · (610) 431-3256
Deli-Grove is a small convenience store that happens to make some of the most outstanding hoagies and cheesesteaks you will ever enjoy. The bread is fresh and all the toppings are cut to order. One of several family-owned businesses on our list, that have been around for decades, Deli-Grove will likely become one of your favorite sandwich shops.

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8. Colonial Village Meat Market
929 S High St, West Chester, PA 19382 · (610) 436-9514
Colonial Meat has been open since 1972 and makes some of the most satisfying sandwiches in Chester County. They are also a full-service deli. So, while you wait for your hoagie, you can also get deli meat, bread, and cheese by the pound.

9. PJ’s Deli
1992 Valley Rd S, Pomeroy · (610) 857-5728
While extremely popular with those who live in the immediate vicinity, PJ’s Deli is a hidden gem in Chester County, which you can find right off Strasburg Rd in Pomeroy, PA. They serve handcrafted hoagies, with the freshest ingredients, that will satisfy your appetite.

9. Pepper Mill
813 N Chester Rd, West Chester · (610) 692-0100
In business for over 35 years, the Pepper Mill is a West Chester institution. Their menu overflows with Chester County favorites, as well as original items. However, should you not find one of your old favorites on the menu, just ask, they are happy to make it for you.

How We Ranked the Best Hoagies in Chester County

MyChesCo crunched the numbers to find the best hoagies in Chester County, using both online data and our own secret sauce to produce the above-ranked list of the best shops to satisfy your craving.

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37 Comments on “The Top Ten Best Hoagie Shops in Chester County, Ranked”

  1. Capriotti’s Really? They were half decent when they started out, but their rolls are worse than Subways and their sandwiches are complete waste of money now.
    PJs, by far, is closest to what you should expect in a decent hoagie outside Philly…IMO.

    1. The number 1 does not make a real hoagie, steaks ok but the hoagies are not. I want quality cold cuts not junk phony bologna. My favorite is Westtown Meat Market! They make real sandwiches! Beautiful juicy burgers, real chip beef cheese steaks.

    1. Because who does? I live across the street for 17 years and haven’t. Anyone I know who had their food would disagree with you

  2. A true hidden gem is Martinez delicatessen in West Grove. They have some of the best subs and steak sandwiches you’ll find anywhere.

  3. A true hidden gem is Marrones delicatessen in West Grove. They have some of the best subs and steak sandwiches you’ll find anywhere.

  4. None of these places compare to.Phil and Jim’s in Parkside, Delaware County. This place makes the Rolls Royce of hoagies. Fresh sliced meat and cheese just for your sandwich. Fresh lettuce broken right off the head of lettuce. Order the Special with long hots….

  5. P.J’s is a good call. Always consistent.

    Lorenzo’s lunch meat is sub par. If you want a massive sandwich, that’s the only reason.

  6. I have to agree with the other comments. Most of these places are terrible. I’ve probably had hoggies at half of them. Like another comment said. Didn’t go-to Montesanos brothers or clearly haven’t went to Carlino’s in west chester.

  7. Clearly the same person who does the polls for best philly food and spots that pop up on social media that are tourist spots did this list!! Primo Chester springs? If you want a stale roll followed by a root canal!! I’ve lived around the corner from the original primo in South Philly, cannot compare!! Cappriotti’s? My husband who knows nothing but tourist Italian food likes them. Suburbs are imposter cuisine.

  8. You guys need to come down to Delaware county and get a good Italian hoagie from Paganos.del Township line Road

    1. Bill you are 100% right. Paganos is off the charts! Almost nothing else even compares!! The best by far!

  9. Earls would put many of them ro shame
    79 W State St, Avondale, PA 19311

    Trust me
    Whoever wrote this, didn’t travel far outside of West Chester. You missed a great one…Trust me

  10. Colonial Village? For real?! Do they even make bogies?? Leads me to question the validity of this bogus list!

  11. Italian village, Deli Grove, Montessanos, Bevans, lorenzos and Pomadoros makes me remember old Woody’s Deli …. there are others but let’s leave primos and capriottis off


  13. Calling Amoroso’s rolls “one of tastiest in the the area” negates your ratings. Their rolls taste like air-filled sponge.

  14. Given 7 of the 10 places listed are in the West Chester/Exton area, then this list has an obvious regional bias, (i.e. the reporter did not venture all that far). As such, this list cannot be considered a County-wide all encompassing list, as the headline states.

  15. Made the mistake of taking the article’s advice and got hoagies from Georgio’s. Worst hoagie I’ve had in years. Literally disgusting.

  16. Has anyone tried Lilly’s in Thorndale? I like their hoagies, pizzas and steak sandwiches. I also like their pasta dishes.

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