10 “Green” New Year’s Resolutions for 2021


If you are thinking about adopting a “greener” lifestyle in the New Year, the Pennsylvania Resources Council – recognized as a state and national leader in waste reduction and recycling – offers the following 10 actions for becoming more environmentally friendly in 2021.

1)   Learn Something New

Attend a PRC online workshop to learn about backyard composting, rain barrel installation and many other topics including a free Recycling and Waste Reduction webinar offered each month.  Details at https://prc.org/programs/webinars/

2)   Develop Healthy Habits

Browse brochures and other online materials to learn about healthy options such as using non-toxic alternatives – such as making products from baking soda and vinegar – for housecleaning chores.  Details at https://prc.org/learn-act/hhw-guide/

3)   Get Organized

Clean out the basement/garage/garden shed and then properly dispose of hazardous materials and/or e-waste at PRC collection events.  Details at https://prc.org/programs/collection-events/

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4)   Shed Pounds Instantly

Donate a wide variety of gently used items – such as furniture, clothing and building materials – to local nonprofit organizations at PRC’s annual ReuseFest.  Details at https://prc.org/programs/collection-events/reuse-fest/

5)   Invest More

Invest in your home and invest in clean water by scheduling a Stream Smart House Call to see how you can better manage stormwater on your property.  Details at www.streamsmarthousecalls.org

6)   Get Involved 

Learn how to bring glass recycling to your neighborhood now that many municipalities no longer include glass in curbside recycling.  Details at https://prc.org/programs/collection-events/glassrecycling/

7)   Get Moving 

Head outdoors to take part in a neighborhood litter clean up event; document the impact of litter on the environment and then enter PRC’s annual Lens on Litter photo contest.  Details at https://prc.org/programs/projects/lens-litter/

8)   Gain a New Skill

READ:  West Bradford Township Among 121 Municipalities to Complete Local Climate Action Training

Roll up your sleeves and volunteer with PRC East’s rain garden program to learn how to design and construct rain gardens to help reduce stormwater runoff and improve water quality.  Other volunteer opportunities include PRC collection events and educational programs.  Details at https://prc.org/volunteer/

9)   Make a Difference

Become a member and support PRC’s vital programs that help to conserve and protect Pennsylvania’s environmental resources for each generation.  Details at https://prc.org/prc/membership/

10)  Reduce Stress

Enjoy the beauty of nature each day of the new year!

Since 1939 the Pennsylvania Resources Council has worked to protect resources for future generations through environmental education, recycling, waste diversion programs, anti-litter campaigns and other initiatives.  PRC envisions a Pennsylvania where nothing is wasted.  For more information, visit www.prc.org.

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