7 Amazing Drive-In Movie Theaters Near Chester County

drive-in theaterImage: Becky's Drive-In, Walnutport PA

Even with life as we know it changing regularly, there are a few things that haven’t changed. Movies are more important now than ever before, as people turn to art, media, and other forms of entertainment to keep up their spirits.

While the golden age of drive-in theaters across America is in the past, these businesses are not letting the nostalgia vanish. Families can catch new releases, and even classic movie screenings, at these theaters for an old-fashioned night out.

With spring in the air, and as everyone continues to work hard to keep each other safe, we’ve put together 7 drive-in theaters near Chester County, PA to help you stay healthy while you have fun!

Drive-In Movie Theaters Near Chester County

1. Big Air Cinema
5 Keller Way, Downingtown · (484) 237-8431

While not specifically a drive-in theater itself, this small business in Downington, PA is a great option for special events. If you’re wanting your drive-in experience to be even smaller and more personal, Big Air Cinema provides screens from 20 guests all the way up to 2500 guests.

2. Geoff’s Speed Shop and Towing
550 California Rd Ste 1, Quakertown · (610) 346-6649

From an unexpected small business, Geoff’s Speed Shop and Towing not only provides solutions for car issues, they proudly entertain the local community with drive-in events. Maintaining the traditions of this classic, cultural experience, they offer double-feature showings and host vintage-car specific events. Business must be booming, as they now have two locations: one Quakertown and another in Pennsburg.

3. Shankweiler’s Theatre
4540 Shankweiler Rd, Orefield · (610) 481-0800

Open and running consecutively for 86 “seasons” (most drive-in theaters close sometime in the fall, and reopen in the Spring, due to being an outdoor event), Shankweiler’s is America’s oldest drive-in theater. Well-loved not only by Pennsylvanians but also drawing visitors from across the United States, this attraction is well-deserving of a spot on everyone’s bucket list, especially as many are taking extra precautions during COVID-19.

4. Delsea Drive-In Theatre
2203 S Delsea Dr, Vineland, NJ · (856) 696-0011

Just over the border in New Jersey, this drive-in sports double and triple features. First opened in 1949, Delsea Drive-In Theatre originally cost just .25 cents per car, and per person! With a full menu, all listed on their website, they encourage their patrons to purchase food on-site, to keep their place up and running.

5. Becky’s Drive-In
4548 Lehigh Dr, Walnutport · (610) 767-2249

A little further than the last few, Becky’s has true vintage charm. Their website shows photo after photo of the historical progress of their business, dating back to the 1930s. Having been around for a few years, Becky’s staff prides themselves in the experience they give their customers and even enjoy dressing up to reflect the movie they are screening.

6. Haar’s Drive-In Theatre
185 Logan Rd, Dillsburg · (717) 432-8246

Originally founded in the 1940s as an auction business, Haar’s is now operated by three of the original owner’s grandchildren. With a love of the classics, and a full concession stand with unique dishes including a foot-long hot dog, oyster sandwich and sugar-free snow cones, this drive-in is not to be missed.

7. The Mahoning Drive-In Theater
635 Seneca Rd, Lehighton · (610) 683-7243

Our final choice is certainly not in last place. With annual events like Zombiefest, Bat-Mania, Medieval Mahoning, and a weekly tradition of showing a cult classic or horror film, Mahoning shows movies of all genres, for all types of folks. And just in case you’re doubting their inclusivity, The Mahoning Drive-In Theater provides both beef, veggie, and vegan burgers for their customers, all sold in their concession stand. Don’t miss the last item listed on the menu on their website – we know everyone could use an extra hug at the moment.

Catch a movie from the comfort of your own car.

Our list was crafted to highlight drive-In movie theaters near Chester County but does not begin to scratch the surface of the wealth of drive-ins and other incredible attractions in the Chester County area. We highly recommend checking each of them out and experiencing each on these unique drive-In theaters.

Travel Responsibly: While conditions related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic improve, and the Commonwealth begins a phased reopening and lifting of restrictions, some theaters may still be closed temporarily or limiting the number of viewers per show. Additionally, mask-wearing and social distancing remain in place per official guidelines. Contact the theater for more information.

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