“Leave No Trace” Partners with Banijay Rights and Charlie Pesti to Boost Global Reach of Eco-Tourism Series

Leave No TraceSubmitted Image

PHILADELPHIA, PA — The trailblazing luxury travel show, “Leave No Trace,” is poised for global expansion through strategic partnerships with Banijay Rights, the worldwide distribution arm of Banijay, and Charlie Pesti, a public relations firm renowned in the sustainability and supply chain sectors. Executive Producers Richard Crawford and Ben Alcott of Damn Good Productions announced these alliances, aiming to elevate the distribution and visibility of the series’ initial seasons and future episodes on an international scale.

Charlie Pesti’s role will be pivotal in broadening the audience and enhancing the impact of “Leave No Trace.” The firm’s innovative PR strategies are expected to spotlight the series’ dedication to ecotourism, sustainability, and social responsibility, projecting these values into the public and media arena with unprecedented strength.

Richard Crawford expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Charlie Pesti, emphasizing its potential to magnify the show’s message, inspire viewers to take action, and promote a more sustainable approach to adventure and travel. Charlie Pesti echoed this sentiment, highlighting the significance of the collaboration in fostering awareness and driving change towards reduced carbon emissions and responsible tourism.

Season 2 of “Leave No Trace” ambitiously extends its reach to all seven continents, featuring episodes from the icy expanses of Antarctica to the lush jungles of the Republic of Congo. This expansion underlines the show’s commitment to presenting eco-friendly luxury tourism that respects the natural and cultural heritage of each destination.

By joining forces with Banijay Rights for distribution and leveraging Charlie Pesti’s PR expertise, “Leave No Trace” seeks to advance its mission of encouraging eco-conscious travel and supporting local communities. The partnerships are a critical step in promoting the preservation of the planet’s beauty while ensuring equitable economic benefits for the people who call these remarkable locations home.

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