Chester County-based Animation Studio Has Gone Viral Worldwide

Kris TheorinKris Theorin /Submitted Image

WEST CHESTER, PA — The Chester County-based animation studio Something’s Awry Productions has taken the digital world by storm. Their unique and imaginative animation short, “My Phone’s Blowing Up”, has gone viral across various social media platforms, capturing the attention of millions worldwide.

The mastermind behind this digital marvel, Kris Theorin, created the video to depict a smartphone literally exploding with alerts. The relatable concept resonated with viewers globally, leading to an influx of likes, messages, and shares. “Our phones have been ‘blowing up’ ever since the video was released,” said a bemused Kris.

This series of shorts, which includes “My Phone’s Blowing Up”, uses innovative VFX techniques to transform ordinary objects and occurrences into unexpected spectacles. They answer whimsical questions like “How many pumpkins are in a pumpkin spice latte?” and “Where does your feed go when you’re scrolling your phone?”

The most unforgettable of these is undoubtedly the question, “What if Pokémon’s Diglett was jacked?” Your Pokédex will never look the same again.

Amy Theorin, co-owner of Something’s Awry, and the film’s producer, shared that the team enjoys experimenting with different creative directions during their downtime. This willingness to take risks has certainly paid off, with “My Phone’s Blowing Up” and other videos in the series garnering over 40 million views, nearly 4 million likes, and more than 1.5 million shares on Instagram alone.

While no actual screens were harmed in the making of these films, Something’s Awry continues to push the boundaries of technology and expectations. Viewers can look forward to more quirky, satisfying, and altogether delightful videos from this animation studio.

Something’s Awry is renowned for its artist-driven approach, producing unexpected beauty and humor in an offbeat and intelligent way. The studio is a hub of creativity, known for finding the absurd in the ordinary.

At the helm of Something’s Awry’s dynamic animation is Kris Theorin. As lead Animation Director, Kris has worked as an all-in-one animator, director, editor, sound designer, and VFX guru. He has created spots for big-name clients like Disney, Warner Bros, LEGO, NBC/Universal, and many others. After starting his career in stop-motion, Kris transitioned into 3D Animation and VFX work. His films and commercials can now be seen in movie theaters, TVs, and film festivals worldwide.

For a taste of Something’s Awry’s unique brand of animation, check out “My Phone’s Blowing Up” on Instagram and follow Kris Theorin @KrisTheorin. To learn more about Something’s Awry and their groundbreaking work, visit their website at

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