Author Colinda Latour Is “Living In Love” in Her Newly Published Book

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WILMINGTON, DE —Believe love is always available and there for receiving. Create a life where things like money and the right people at the right time show up rapidly and seemingly out of the ether. Living in Love will give you all the necessary tools and guidance to create such a life.

It certainly did for Colinda Latour who, after struggling with love for most of her life, created a lifestyle that brought love into her daily routine and embedded it into her state of being. She had no idea of all the other wonderful side effects that so much love would create.

Colinda, craving what seemed to be unattainable, devised an easy way for love to be at the forefront of everything she did; how she acted and reacted, and communicated throughout her day. It was during this, she discovered that living in love also brought sustained periods of bliss, unwavering faith in herself and higher consciousness, profound feelings of connection and wholeness, and rapid manifestations.

So, how did she do it?
She put love into action. Colinda formulated a 31-day challenge containing a brilliant combination of Love Actions directed at others (e.g. send five messages of love), herself (e.g. hug yourself), and other actions designed purely to bring love into awareness (e.g. write ten things you love).

It was during this challenge that she not only learned of the love side effects mentioned, but that simple acts of love will change the world, and the more love you create and feel, the more you want to spread it. This is why she knew she had to share her Full-on Love Challenge and provide people with the tools and guidance to complete it, and create a lifestyle of love for themselves.

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As a bonus, she included three mini-challenges to give a fast love boost whenever needed.

The book will be published and will be available for purchase in early April in all leading online bookstores nationwide!

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