2020 Election Aftermath: Unveiling the Jan. 6 DOJ and Georgia RICO Indictments in an Unprecedented Book

The Judge and the President Stealing the 2020 ElectionSubmitted Image

MALVERN, PA — David Moskowitz, a veteran trial lawyer and husband of a 2020 elector, announced today the publication of a new book that is the first to delve into the indictments of former President Trump over the Jan. 6 riot and the RICO case in Georgia.

Moskowitz writes based on his legal experience and front-row seat to the election and efforts by Trump and his allies to overturn the race. The book is The Judge and the President: Stealing the 2020 Election (Huge Jam Publishing, September 8, 2023).

“As a lawyer, I am fascinated by the indictments of Donald Trump and his allies. These cases will truly be trials of the century,” said Moskowitz, who makes several predictions. Among those:

  • That the federal trial will take six-to-eight weeks. If Trump is convicted, he will appeal to the Court of Appeals. If he loses, he will petition SCOTUS for review – with chances of success at under 50%.
  • That the Georgia trial will take six-to-nine months. If Trump is convicted, he will appeal. If the Georgia Supreme Court confirms the conviction, Trump will petition SCOTUS – with chances of success at under 15%.
  • That Sidney Powell, one of Trump’s lawyers charged in Georgia, will plead guilty or be convicted.
  • That the federal case won’t conclude before the 2024 election and the Georgia case won’t have a similar hiatus, making Trump’s risk greater.

Villanova Law School Professor Michelle Dempsey describes the book as “Masterful … revealing the strength and intricacy of the case against Trump and his co-conspirators.”

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It is clear that no matter the outcome of the trials, they will be historic events in Trump’s reign and certainly garner a great deal of attention from the public. David Moskowitz has written an incredibly captivating book that studies not only Trump’s indictments but also his attempts to override the results of the 2020 election. The Judge and the President: Stealing the 2020 Election looks to be one of this year’s must-read books and it is sure to bring about robust conversations amongst readers.

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