SALT Performing Arts Presents: The Crucible, September 6 – 15, 2019

SALT Performing Arts Presents: The Crucible, September 6 – 15, 2019

CHESTER SPRINGS, PA — SALT Performing Arts presents The Crucible, a 1953 play by renowned American playwright Arthur Miller. The Crucible is a dramatized and partially fictionalized story of the Salem witch trials that took place in the Massachusetts Bay Colony during 1692–93. With themes of paranoia, devastation, morality, and deception, The Crucible is rich in themes that are consistently relevant to human beings regardless of time period.

“Irony abounds throughout The Crucible as characters who believe they are combating the Devil’s handiwork actually perform it themselves,” says Lauren McComas, SALT President and Artistic Director. “Attempts to preserve Puritan morality by arresting and executing accused witches ironically lead to the removal of the most virtuous people from society. SALT’s version of The Crucible is a modernized reimagined version. A MUST-SEE SHOW with its so many complex themes that you can definitely understand why the Crucible is still a required high school reading!”

Performances are:

Friday, September 6: 7- 9:30 PM

Saturday, September 7: 2 – 4:30 PM, 7- 9:30 PM

Sunday, September 8: 3 – 5:30 PM

Friday, September 13: 7- 9:30 PM

Saturday, September 14: 2 – 4:30 PM, 7- 9:30 PM

Sunday, September 15: 3 – 5:30 PM


Abigail Williams/Emma Apple, John Proctor/Anthony Marsala, Reverend John Hale/Rebecca Futty, Elizabeth Proctor/Dani Joy Foley, Reverend Samuel Parris/Lenny Grossman, Rebecca Nurse/Nancy Kadwill, Francis Nurse/ Kathleen Verbo, Deputy-Governor Danforth/Steve Reazor, Giles Corey/Jeff Hunsicker, Thomas Putnam/Andrew Maksymowych, Mrs. Ann Putnam/Lauren Rozensky Flanagan, Tituba/Susan Cole, Mary Warren/Taylor Morgan, Betty Parris/Molly Kent, Martha Corey/Sarah Williamson, Ezekiel Cheever/Wendy Mirto, Judge Hathorne/Joe Wadlinger, John Willard/Clem Mirto, Mercy Lewis/Leanna Doyle, Susanna Walcott/Sophie Rowland, Hopkins/Evan Sykes, Sarah Good/Ann Kashishian Ensemble: Ashley Russo, Olivia Gordon, Emily Davis, Hannah Cohen


Director: Seth Reich, Stage Manager: Chelsea Barnett, Assistant Stage Manager: Liana Henrie, Co Costume Designer/Props: Kim Rowland, Co Costume Designer/Props: Elizabeth Tozer, Lighting Designer: Rob Merow,  Set Designer/Master Carpenter: David Craig,House Manager/Marketing Director: Judy Elliott, House Manager: Karen Barnett, Producer: Lauren McComas

Admission is $17 – $30 per person. Please note: Rated PG-13. For more information and to purchase tickets for The Crucible go to:

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