Breakthrough Bitcoin Art Collection Launched by Artsy Monke

Artsy MonkeSubmitted Image

WILMINGTON, DE — Artsy Monke, an art project known for its use of Google Cloud Neural Networks to recreate the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs as 10,000 unique works of art, is now breaking new ground by embracing the Ordinals platform, a cutting-edge development in the Bitcoin digital art movement. The Artsy Monke bitcoin collection is already listed on several prominent marketplaces, including Magic Eden, and has begun trading despite the fact that the free minting process is still ongoing.

The Artsy Monke project, originally featured on news sites worldwide, has garnered significant attention for its novel approach to digital art by leveraging the power of Google Cloud Neural Networks. This groundbreaking technology allows for the creation of intricate and one-of-a-kind pieces of art, revolutionizing the NFT space and redefining the potential of digital artistry.

With the adoption of the Ordinals platform, Artsy Monke is at the forefront of the booming Bitcoin digital art movement. Ordinals, as detailed on their website, is an innovative technology that empowers artists, creators, and collectors to mint, trade, and collect NFTs directly on the Bitcoin network. This unprecedented integration of Bitcoin into the digital art world marks a significant leap forward for the industry, providing artists and collectors with more options and flexibility.

Artsy Monke’s NFT mint page on the Bitcoin network reveals that 40% of the minting process has now been completed. Despite the ongoing mint offering the Artsy Monke art for free, the collection is already listed and available for trading on Magic Eden, a popular NFT marketplace.

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By embracing the latest advancements in digital art and technology, Artsy Monke is setting a new standard in the NFT space. The project’s commitment to innovation and the rapid adoption of emerging platforms like Ordinals and Magic Eden showcases the potential for continued growth and evolution in the digital art world.

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