East High’s 13th Annual House of Hope Concert Brings Community Together

House of Hope ConcertHouse of Hope student sings a solo in front of the crowd. (Submitted Image)

WEST CHESTER, PA — West Chester Area School District’s East High School students spent the school year combining their design, event planning, advertising, and networking skills with tremendous musical talent to shine a spotlight on the importance of community support. At the 13th annual House of Hope Concert, student dancers, singers, and bands cranked up the volume to raise almost $14,000 to benefit the Home of the Sparrow, an organization that assists local women and children facing homelessness.

The House of Hope Concert is a student-organized event with the student-led planning committee meeting weekly to organize tasks such as designing posters, advertising to the public, hosting auditions, and preparing the venue. House of Hope Planning Committee Student Chairs, Saanvi Bhatia, Daniel Cheng, and Jacob Samuel led the event the previous year and raised $7,300 for the Home of the Sparrow. These students went into the 13th year determined to break not only their own record but also that of past Planning Committee Chairs.

“It is so heartwarming to see the entire community come together to support such a good cause, and we hope to raise even more this year!” said the three East High School students. They can now consider that goal checked off as the concert this year raised $13,800, which is the most money that has ever been raised in the 13-year history of the event.

The House of Hope Concert not only provides funds to a good cause, it also offers a platform for the district’s many talented student performers to showcase their unique skills.

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“As a dancer, I have pursued a variety performances throughout the years; however, this was definitely one of the more meaningful ones as it gave me, and the other performers that night, the opportunity to surprise and entertain the school with our special, and for some, hidden, talents while being surrounded by the most supportive and talented group of friends,” said Malavika Menon. Menon delighted the audience through the performance of a Bharatanatyam dance alongside her sister.

“Instead of lingering on the complex nature of others and past attempts, simplicity was all it took to go beyond what I thought I could achieve. Plus, who doesn’t want to go in front of hundreds of people just to only play a ukulele,” added student performer, Joseph Engelbert.

Home of the Sparrow utilizes the donated funds to provide housing support, access to educational opportunities and improved employment, financial literacy, and life-skills training. Through initiatives like the Graduate Program, Supportive Housing, Pre-Senior Bridge, WRAP, and Emergency Solutions, they provide access to local resources, counseling and parenting support, and affordable housing solutions and companionships.

While Bhatia, Cheng, and Samuel are graduating from the district at the end of this school year, the annual concert will be in the expert hands of this year’s Assistant Co-Chairs. They, and the concert attendees, are eagerly looking forward the excitement and generosity that next year’s House of Hope Concert will bring to the West Chester Community.

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