Auditor General DePasquale Releases Audit for Avon Grove School District

Auditor General DePasquale Releases Audit for Avon Grove School District

HARRISBURG, PA — Auditor General Eugene DePasquale recently announced the release of the audit report for the Avon Grove School District.

The auditors found that the District properly implemented policies and procedures internal controls, budgetary practices, Right-to-Know and Sunshine laws; and complied, in all significant respects, with relevant requirements; except in the finding of incorrectly reported the number of nonpublic school and charter school students transported resulting in a net overpayment of $115,500.

The Avon Grove School District was overpaid a total of $115,500 in transportation reimbursement from the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). This overpayment was due to the District improperly reporting the number of charter school and nonpublic school students transported by the District during the 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17 school years.

The District reported to the PDE all students who attended nonpublic schools as nonpublic school students transported by the District despite not transporting each of those students. As a result, the District over-reported the number of nonpublic school students transported during each year reviewed.

Moreover, during the 2014-15 school year, the District failed to report charter school students who were transported for less than a full year. It is important to note that if the District transported one charter or nonpublic school student for a single day, at any time during the school year, the District would have been eligible for $385 in reimbursement for that student.

Ultimately, the District did not have a process in place to reconcile all requests for transportation from nonpublic and charter school students to yearly totals reported to PDE. Additionally, the District did not have a procedure in place to help ensure that charter school and nonpublic school student data was reported correctly to the PDE.

“My audits help ensure schools are being run efficiently and effectively, so that students and teachers can focus on learning and resources are focused on the classroom,” DePasquale said.

The Department of the Auditor General examines the records of school districts, charter schools, intermediate units, and area vocational-technical schools. The audit assessments include whether school entities received the state subsidies and reimbursements to which they were entitled, accurately managed taxpayer funds, and complied with ethics codes. The audits also determine whether teachers and administrators were properly certified for the positions they held during the audit period.

The full audit report is available online.

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Can we have some context and basic journalism? Did you reach out to the Charter School or PDE for comment? How is this being addressed/reconciled?