Laurel Springs School Opens Enrollment for 2021 Summer Program, Invites Students to Achieve More in Less Time

Laurel Springs
Leading online K-12 private school kicks off annual Summer Program, offering accelerated courses on a flexible schedule

WEST CHESTER PA — Laurel Springs School, an accredited leader in online K-12 education, has opened enrollment for students in the school’s 2021 Summer Program. Leveraging the school’s extensive course offerings and mastery-based, self-paced model, students who enroll in the Laurel Springs Summer Program can maintain a flexible schedule, accelerate their education, and continue to build academic confidence into the 2021-2022 school year.

Offering a selection of more than 200 courses across all grade levels, Laurel Springs’ first summer session will begin on April 7. Registration for subsequent sessions will continue until June 18 for full-year courses, which take place over 12 weeks, and July 9 for semester courses, which take place over six weeks. The program is open to part-time and full-time students who wish to catch up, get ahead, or explore new subject areas.

“Laurel Springs’ Summer Program offers students several important advantages, especially with the disruption to education that we’ve seen as a result of the pandemic,” said Megan O’Reilly Palevich, M.Ed., Head of School at Laurel Springs. “Whether the student is enrolled full-time at Laurel Springs or comes to us from their local school for the summer, they are choosing to stay academically engaged. As a result, they have the opportunity to increase their proficiency or advance in challenging subjects, as well as the potential to explore new areas of interest and feel confident about entering the next grade level.”

Eres Freifeld, 13, of Camas, Wash., has experienced the advantages of the Laurel Springs Summer Program firsthand. Freifeld, who aspires to play professional soccer and become an orthopedic surgeon, switched to online school in March 2020 after seeking challenging academics on a more flexible schedule. Last summer, Freifeld decided she wanted to get ahead in mathematics before entering seventh grade that fall, so she enrolled in a pre-algebra summer course.

“I had a great experience with the accelerated schedule of the summer course because I was able to learn a lot throughout it, but it also ended very quickly, so I didn’t have to worry about the course interfering with the start of the new school year,” said Freifeld. “I had to adjust to the faster pace of the course and manage my time in a better way, and by adjusting to the schedule and working on these key time management skills, I only improved them. In addition, the challenging course helped me practice better study habits, as I had to make sure I knew the content and did well on exams.”

Angela Ling, 16, of Rockville, Md., is a junior at Laurel Springs who enrolled in summer courses for a different reason: she had recently moved to the United States from Canada, and the curricular differences between the two countries meant that Ling was technically behind in the areas of science and mathematics.

“In Canada, science and math classes are taught generally rather than by topic, such as biology or calculus,” said Ling. “As a result, in 10th grade, I was behind in a few courses in the U.S. curriculum. Thankfully, I had the ability to take Honors Geometry and Honors Chemistry over the summer, and I caught up for 11th grade.”

According to Palevich, the Laurel Springs Summer Program also offers a crucial benefit that goes beyond academics: Students can still enjoy the summer.

“The Laurel Springs program redefines the notion of ‘summer school,'” said Palevich. “While taking a summer course with Laurel Springs requires commitment and produces significant academic advantages, we also recognize that our students are still kids and need a break. The structure of our Summer Program ensures that students still have time to pursue their interests outside of school, as well as the freedom to relax, reset, and have fun during summer break.”

To learn more about the Summer Program, visit their website or call 800-377-5890.

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