Libertarian Candidate Picks Up State and National Endorsements for West Chester Mayor

Beth Ann RosicaBeth Ann Rosica (Submitted Image)

WEST CHESTER, PA — A national police/community organization has published an endorsement for Beth Ann Rosica for mayor of West Chester borough.

The Youth and Police Initiative (YPI) is a program recommended by federal agencies to reduce community tensions between police and youth, particularly in low-income and minority neighborhoods. Their program has been successful in Boston, Philadelphia, New York State and other locations. Rosica has been involved with YPI on a national level. Their statement, in part, says “We enthusiastically endorse her candidacy for mayor as a person who knows how to build strong communities and get things done.”

Recently the Commonsense Coalition added their support for Beth Ann. The coalition ‘identifies candidates for elected office who maintain a common sense and logical “approach…that benefits businesses and citizens of Pennsylvania…” Their statement says, in part, “The Commonsense Coalition endorses Beth Ann Rosica as the best Mayoral candidate for West Chester Borough. Beth is a pro-business candidate who supports each local business…”

Nancy Dietz, a retired Deputy Chief and State Director of Youth Rehabilitave Services adds, “I have found Beth to be an authentic and passionate leader who will govern West Chester based on evidence-based practices. She believes in eliminating bureaucracy and bolstering accountability. She would be a refreshing and decisive leader who knows how to get the job done.”

The chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania also lent her support to Beth’s campaign. Jenn Moore wrote, “We need more people like Beth in municipal office – Candidates that reject partisan politics and activists that are not professional politicians. Liberty is local, and Beth has demonstrated support for the rights of the individual over bureaucracy and politics as usual.”

Surprisingly, the local GOP also threw their weight behind Beth’s campaign. The West Chester Borough Republican Committee said, “The West Chester GOP Committee is proud to announce that we’ve found our candidate for the next borough mayor, Beth Ann Rosica! Beth is a great cheerleader for the borough. She’s had a successful career in education and social work, advocating for disadvantaged students in our community. Now, she wants to take her talents to the mayor’s office! Beth is pro-business and a believer in small government. She wants to bring borough finances back in line and will produce more channels of dialog between members of the community.”

“I am so encouraged by these endorsements,” says Rosica. “I have been a community activist for a long time, but never saw myself as a politician,” she admitted. “The mayor’s most important role is to supervise and support the police department, and I believe that I have the skills and experience to help connect our officers with our residents in a positive way. Conversely, the mayor’s job is not to impose restrictions on our businesses or residents. These endorsements demonstrate my commitment to the voters of West Chester.”

More endorsements are expected soon. Beth hopes that this national recognition will help convince voters that there is a viable alternative to aging bureaucracies. “It’s time to promote positive change in our community with new ideas and more voter input.”

Beth Ann Rosica is the Libertarian candidate for mayor of West Chester Borough. Beth is a community activist and a long-time resident of West Chester, as well as an alumnus of WCU. Liberty Over Bureaucracy emphasizes the importance of responsible individuals working to improve our community. Learn more at

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