Oxford Police Department Urges Pet Owners to Use New Registry Amid Rising Costs

dogImage via Pixabay

OXFORD, PA — The Oxford Police Department is urging pet owners to register their animals on a new online platform to help reunite lost pets with their families and manage rising costs associated with stray animal care. The department has introduced a pet registry on the Crimewatch web platform, facilitating quicker reunions of stray animals with their owners.

The police department’s standard procedure for handling stray animals includes chip scanning, posting on social media, and utilizing the new pet registry. Despite these efforts, the cost of managing stray animals remains high. Oxford Borough imposes a $25 pet return fee to help cover a $6,000 yearly contract with the Chester County SPCA. However, this fee does not fully offset the costs.

The financial burden extends further. The SPCA charges an acquisition fee of $400 per dog and $200 per cat. Additionally, there is a $300 monthly maintenance fee and a $65 activity fee for each transport. Calls received during weekends or after standard operating hours incur an extra $250 fee. For example, if a dog is brought to the station on a Saturday and the owner cannot be found, the borough faces a $715 invoice per dog, on top of the existing annual contract and maintenance fees.

“At the OPD, our primary goal is to facilitate the reunion of stray animals with their respective owners,” stated the Oxford Police Department. “Please help us locate your pet and help reduce this cost.”

Improving Pet Safety and Savings: Oxford Police’s Smart Pet Registration Initiative

This initiative is important for several reasons. First, it helps reduce the financial strain on the borough. With rising costs, the new pet registry aims to speed up the process of reuniting pets with their owners, cutting down on fees associated with extended stays and multiple transports.

Second, it benefits pet owners by providing a streamlined method to locate lost pets. The quicker an owner can be identified, the less stress and worry for both the pet and the owner.

Moreover, the effort highlights the importance of community involvement in public safety issues. By registering their pets, owners actively participate in a community-wide effort to manage stray animals effectively and economically.

In summary, the Oxford Police Department’s call to action for pet registration on the Crimewatch platform is a practical step toward managing stray animal issues more efficiently. This measure not only aims to reduce costs but also ensures that pets are quickly and safely reunited with their owners. The community’s cooperation in this initiative will significantly impact both the well-being of pets and the financial health of the borough.

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