Chester County Celebrates a Milestone: Hidden View Farm Marks 300 Years of Family Farming

Chester County Commissioners Recognize Cochran Family's Tricentennial Farm DesignationPictured left to right: Chester County Commissioners’ Chair Josh Maxwell, Emma Cochran, Robert and Adrienne Cochran, Abbey Cochran, and Commissioner Eric Roe. /Submitted Image

COCHRANVILLE, PA – In the rolling hills of Chester County, a farm steeped in history and tradition has achieved a rare distinction. Hidden View Farm, owned by the Cochran family for three centuries, recently received Tricentennial Farm status, becoming one of only two farms in Pennsylvania to reach this monumental milestone.

The Chester County Commissioners made a special visit to the farm in Cochranville—a town bearing the family’s name—to honor this significant achievement. The farm, established in 1724 by Scottish immigrants via Northern Ireland, has been a cornerstone of the local agricultural community, witnessing the evolution of farming practices and the landscape around it.

Cochran family's Tricentennial Hidden View Farm
Cochran Family’s Tricentennial Hidden View Farm in Cochranville, PA

Current owners, Robert and Adrienne Cochran, along with their daughters Abbey and Emma, continue to uphold the family’s legacy, managing a mix of crop farming and livestock operations on the historic land. The farm today produces hay for cattle and horses and leases additional acres for the cultivation of corn, wheat, soybeans, and cover crops. The Cochrans also maintain a tradition of fox hunting, keeping a kennel of hounds on the property.

To qualify as a Tricentennial Farm, a property must remain in the same family for at least 300 years, have a family member residing there permanently, and either consist of at least 10 acres of the original holding or generate more than $1,000 annually from farm products. The Cochrans’ dedication to preserving their land’s agricultural heritage led them to protect Hidden View Farm in 2002 through Chester County’s Agricultural Land Preservation Program.

This preservation effort highlights the importance of maintaining agricultural lands amid growing development pressures. Adrienne Cochran emphasized their commitment to ensuring the farm’s longevity, hoping to inspire future generations to continue the farming tradition.

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Hidden View Farm original deed signed by William Penn's sons
The Cochran family’s Hidden View Farm original deed, signed by William Penn’s sons.

The recognition of Hidden View Farm as a Tricentennial Farm is not just an accolade for the Cochran family; it highlights the enduring significance of agriculture in Chester County and beyond. Since the inception of the Century, Bicentennial, and Tricentennial Farm recognition program by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture in 1977, over 2,300 farms have been honored for their lasting contributions to the state’s agricultural legacy. Yet, only two have reached the 300-year mark, making Hidden View Farm’s achievement all the more remarkable.

As Chester County and Pennsylvania celebrate this milestone, the story of Hidden View Farm serves as a reminder of the deep roots and enduring spirit of family farming in America. The Cochran family’s passion for the land and commitment to agriculture continue to enrich the community and preserve a vital piece of the nation’s heritage.

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